Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th

The tremendous development of the cryptocurrency economy, bitcoins access to Verifone, Alibaba’s ban on the sale of cryptocurrency miners on its platform, etc. synthesized according to cryptonew.

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th 

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th

Central, Northern and Western Europe (CNWE) has the largest crypto economy in the world and received over $ 1 million in crypto last year, which is 25% of global activity according to Chainalysis. They ranked second last year, CNWE’s new position at the top is the result of tremendous growth from July 2020 combined with a relative decline in activities in East Asia. they added.

Cryptocurrency payment company BitPay and retail payment company Verifone announced the expansion of BitPay’s blockchain payment technology to enable consumers to pay with cryptocurrencies on commercial cloud service platforms, electronics and in Verifone stores in the United States. Merchants can accept crypto payments directly from Verifone without an account with BitPay, while consumers can pay with an approved crypto wallet.

The fintech company Revolut wants to bring its own crypto token onto the market, reports CoinDesk, citing sources not mentioned. The report claims the company will create something similar to a purse token instead of a stablecoin, subject to approval by the UK Financial Regulator (FCA).

Morgan Stanley analyst Ken Zerbe has published a research note, according to ZeroHedge, in which he recommends stocks of the cryptocurrency-focused bank Silvergate. He added that this is one of the “most special” banks they underwrite and that it is valued much lower than its current trading price of $ 109, where $ 158 would be more accurate.

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th: Mining News

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has announced that it will ban the sale of cryptocurrency miners on its platform, as well as tutorials, strategies, and software that can be used to mine cryptocurrencies. The ban went into effect on October 8, and the company advises that the members of its platform “have a responsibility to comply with the relevant laws and regulations that apply to each country of sale”.

US Senators Maggie Hassan and Joni Ernst introduced bipartisan laws “to improve the oversight of offshore crypto mining operations”. The bill would require the Treasury Department to report to Congress on virtual currencies and their uses around the world – including the use and mining of cryptocurrencies in other countries, as well as conducting mining operations on technologies like semiconductors, the announcement said.

BeePool, the fourth largest Ethereum (ETH) mining pool in terms of computing power or hashrate (6% of total hashrate), said it will cease services from October 15.

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th: Security News

A malicious Firefox add-on called “Safepal Wallet” has been emptying users’ wallets for months, posing as a real SafePal wallet with various crypto assets, to which Mozilla replied that it would “investigate”.

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29: NFTs News

App-Based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace VeVe has announced a partnership with Metro entertainment company Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and EON Productions to launch a range of NFTs from the James Bond franchise commercial. The NFTs are celebrating the upcoming No Time to Die with a range of different digital collectibles.

Nolan Bushnell, founder of the video game company Atari, has announced the Arcade OG Series of NFTs in collaboration with the NFT marketplace MakersPlace. Each Arcade OG series collection features an augmented reality experience that allows users to view 3D renderings of arcade cabinets in any real space.

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th: News Exchange

According to a press release, US Coinbase users can deposit their money with the exchange to easily conduct regular crypto transactions, spend on the Coinbase card, earn crypto rewards, and much more. Users can set up a direct deposit and decide what percentage of the amount they want to deposit and whether they want to receive in US dollars or an available cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Market Highlights September 29th: CBDCs News

The main digital currency website for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBDC) is up and running ahead of the digital naira planned to be released next month. The new website claims that eNaira serves as both a medium of exchange and a store of value and offers “better payment prospects in transactional retail than cash payments”.

Blockchain Fantom Solution (FTM) announced that it will partner with OJSC Orienbank of Tajikistan to build a CBDC for the Republic of Tajikistan. The currency is used for bulk payments and trading, as well as currency exchange.

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