Worldcoin’s World ID SDK Is Now Available For Global Developers

Key Points:

  • Worldcoin’s World ID SDK is now open to global developers for seamless integration.
  • World ID protocol ensures privacy and supports open identity standards like OAuth 2.0 and OIDC.
  • SDK’s permissionless architecture offers secure human verification and privacy across apps.
In a significant move, Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has opened up its World ID SDK to developers worldwide. The World ID SDK, which was initially accessible through a limited waitlist, has already seen more than 100 projects being built with it, including prominent integrations like Okta’s Auth0 and Talent Protocol in Europe.
Worldcoin's World ID SDK Is Now Available For Global Developers

World ID, introduced by Worldcoin in March 2023, serves as a revolutionary privacy-preserving digital identity protocol that allows individuals to verify their humanity in the digital realm. Powered by the Orb, a specialized biometric imaging device, the protocol employs proof of personhood (PoP) to ensure accurate identity verification.

As of today, the World ID SDK is publicly available, streamlining web, mobile, and on-chain integrations for developers. The SDK offers a range of tools and features, such as web widgets (JS), a Developer Portal, and a development simulator, as well as examples and guides, making integration fast and straightforward. One of the most remarkable aspects of World ID’s architecture is its permissionless nature, enabling developers from all corners of the globe to integrate with the protocol at no cost.

Worldcoin's World ID SDK Is Now Available For Global Developers

An essential characteristic of the World ID is its adaptability to support existing open identity standards. Currently, it is compatible with OAuth 2.0 and OIDC (OpenID Connect), and future updates will extend support to Verifiable Credentials (VCs), Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and Sign in with Ethereum (SIWE).

One of the prominent advantages of the World ID SDK is its ability to safeguard against bots and provide human verification for users. Developers using the “Sign in with Worldcoin” option can collect only essential information from users, ensuring their service remains privacy-focused.

Moreover, World ID prioritizes user privacy by dissociating a person’s World ID, app accounts, PoP verifications, and wallets from being linked together. This means that neither Worldcoin contributors nor app developers can track users across different websites or gain access to personal information, making it a robust privacy-oriented solution.

Worldcoin's World ID SDK Is Now Available For Global Developers

The implications of global proof of personhood (PoP) are far-reaching, opening the doors to a new generation of products and services across various domains. These include enhanced security measures for social networks with better bot protection and community moderation, transparent voting mechanisms through DAO governance and online polls, fraud prevention and compliance measures in financial services, customer incentives like loyalty programs, referrals, and free trials, as well as improved marketplaces with enhanced reputation systems and prevention of fake reviews and transactions.

World ID’s general availability has arrived hot on the heels of Worldcoin’s announcement that the project has amassed over 2 million World ID sign-ups during its beta phase. Surpassing this milestone in half the time, it took to verify the first million World ID holders showcases the growing interest and trust in this groundbreaking identity protocol.

With the World ID SDK now open to developers worldwide, the future holds immense potential for a privacy-focused and user-centric digital identity verification system that could reshape the landscape of online interactions and transactions.

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