dYdX Enhances Public Testnet Launch With New Features And Markets

Key Points:

  • dYdX reschedules public testnet launch to August 14 for feature improvements.
  • Upcoming testnet introduces new markets, rewards, trading fees transparency, and dynamic margin requirements.
On August 11, dYdX announced that the launch of its public testnet 2 is rescheduled to August 14, as the platform continues refining its functions. 
dYdX Enhances Public Testnet Launch With New Features And Markets

The upcoming testnet will introduce significant upgrades, including the addition of over 30 markets, expanding beyond BTC/ETH trading. Users will also earn testnet governance tokens through trading, with further user interface enhancements planned for this feature.

The new testnet will allow users to manage and view trading fees, as well as access the protocol fee schedule. Moreover, dynamic margin requirements will be implemented, introducing varying margin requirements based on liquidity tiers. This innovation aims to enhance the trading experience and align it with real-world market dynamics.

dYdX‘s commitment to refining its public testnet demonstrates the platform’s dedication to creating a robust and user-friendly trading environment. The upcoming features not only broaden the range of available markets but also offer rewards and improved transparency, reflecting the platform’s continuous efforts to improve its services.

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