CyberConnect Airdrop Goes Live With A 300% Price Surge At $7

Key Points:

  • The CyberConnect CYBER token airdrop is now open for claiming, coinciding with a remarkable 300% price surge to $7 after listing on Binance.
  • CyberConnect’s first community rewards season starts on August 15, offering 2.4 million CYBER tokens (2.4% of total supply) as an incentive for engagement.
The much-awaited CyberConnect airdrop is now open for claiming, presenting an exceptional opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. 
CyberConnect Airdrop Goes Live With A 300% Price Surge At $7

The CYBER token’s current value stands at a remarkable $7, reflecting an impressive surge of over 300%. As revealed by the CyberConnect airdrop collection page, participants can now seize their share of the tokens.

CYBER, the native token of the Web3 social graph protocol CyberConnect, has gained substantial traction and recognition. Its recent listing on Binance has propelled its value to an impressive $7, marking a notable increase in value. This development highlights CYBER’s potential and its ability to capture the attention of both investors and the crypto community.

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Following the protocol’s earlier announcement, the first season of community rewards is set to commence on August 15 at 20:00 (Beijing time). A significant fraction of the total supply, 2.4% to be exact, equivalent to 2.4 million CYBER tokens, will be up for grabs. This initiative reinforces the project’s commitment to its community, providing them with a chance to become part of the CYBER ecosystem.

The CyberConnect team’s dedication to delivering value to its community is evident through these strategic moves. With the airdrop in full swing and the CYBER token’s remarkable price surge, early participants stand to benefit from their engagement with the protocol. As the Web3 social graph protocol continues to evolve, these developments set the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

As the CyberConnect airdrop window opens, individuals are encouraged to seize this opportunity to claim their CYBER tokens and be part of the project’s pioneering journey. The CYBER token’s substantial price appreciation and the upcoming community rewards season only add to the allure of this promising venture.

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