Blockframe Boosts zkSync Network As Core Development Team, Unleashing New Possibilities For Crypto

Key Points:

  • Blockframe, the NFT market and creator platform, has joined the zkSync network as a core development team, enhancing the decentralization of the ecosystem and bringing valuable tools to crypto projects using the ZK Stack.
  • Blockframe’s Bulk Semaphore protocol, developed with support from Matter Labs, enables scalable anonymous messaging and signaling on zkSync while preserving user privacy, offering features like editable NFTs and sealed bid auctions.
The integration was announced on September 8, marking a pivotal moment in the growth and decentralization between zkSync and Blockframe.
Blockframe Joins zkSync Network As Core Development Team

In a significant development for the zkSync network, the zkSync Era NFT market and creator platform, Blockframe, has officially become the latest core development team outside of Matter Labs. 

One of the primary objectives of onboarding external development teams like Blockframe is to enhance decentralization within the zkSync network. This move ensures that Matter Labs is not the sole contributor to zkSync Era, promoting a more diverse and collaborative ecosystem.

Additionally, this strategic partnership aims to leverage the expertise of external teams in building valuable tools for cryptocurrency projects and brands that are actively pursuing their web3 ambitions using the ZK Stack.

Blockframe has recently unveiled its innovative protocol, Bulk Semaphore, which supports scalable anonymous messaging and signaling. This protocol empowers developers on zkSync to scale their operations while preserving the privacy of both the protocol and its users. Notably, Blockframe’s Bulk Semaphore protocol facilitates editable NFTs and sealed bid auctions, further enriching the NFT marketplace.

Blockframe, developed with support from Matter Labs, offers an array of features, including on-chain royalties, AI-assisted NFT creation tools, and an NFT perpetuals exchange. This comprehensive NFT marketplace and creator platform are designed to enhance the overall user experience and broaden the possibilities for creators and collectors in the blockchain space.

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