Arkham Intelligence Platform Now Supports Flare Network

Key Points:

  • Arkham integrates Flare network for enhanced crypto data access.
  • Flare users can now analyze network data and gain actionable insights within Arkham Intelligence Platform.
  • Arkham’s AI engine, ULTRA, offers transparency and valuable data for users to track their crypto portfolios and detect illicit fund movements.
Arkham, a leading crypto analytics platform, has announced its support for the Flare network, granting users the ability to access comprehensive data on their transactions, token portfolios, and on-chain activities directly through Arkham Intelligence Platform.
Arkham Intelligence Platform Now Supports Flare Network

This partnership empowers Flare users with a range of capabilities, including the analysis of network data within Arkham Intelligence Platform, the ability to submit queries to the Arkham Oracle for actionable on-chain insights, and participation in various Flare-related activities hosted on the Arkham Intel Exchange.

This integration marks a significant stride for Arkham, which already supports seven other networks, as it aims to offer traders a holistic view of multi-chain crypto data, encompassing both established and emerging blockchain ecosystems.

Arkham Boosts Crypto Data Access with Flare Network Integration

Arkham utilizes its proprietary artificial intelligence engine, ULTRA, to enhance transparency in the crypto industry by algorithmically connecting addresses to real-world entities. The platform provides invaluable data and analytics on the individuals and organizations driving blockchain activity, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency transactions and real-world institutions.

Through the Arkham Intelligence Platform, Flare users gain real-time insights into the actions of top traders and investors worldwide, all while closely monitoring the performance of their own portfolios. This data can be leveraged for due diligence, market trend prediction, fund flow tracking, individual research, and the detection/reporting of illicit fund movements.

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