Friend.Tech Revenue Crosses 10,000 ETH Milestone

Key Points:

  • Friend.Tech revenue surpasses 10,000 ETH and TVL exceeds 30,000 ETH.
Friend.Tech revenue hits a milestone, surpasses 10,000 ETH (10,644.8 ETH) & TVL crosses 30,000 ETH (30,165 ETH). Sniper bots generate $5.9M, 34% of revenue.
Friend.Tech Revenue Crosses 10,000 ETH Milestone
Source: DUNE

Friend.Tech Revenue hit 10,000 ETH

Friend.Tech recently celebrated a significant milestone with its revenue soaring past 10,000 ETH, precisely reaching 10,644.8 ETH. In addition to the revenue milestone, Friend.Tech has also seen its Total Value Locked (TVL) rise to over 30,000 ETH, reaching 30,165 ETH.

Friend.Tech Revenue Crosses 10,000 ETH Milestone
Source: DUNE

One remarkable aspect of Friend.Tech’s success story is the role of its sniper bots. These bots have collectively earned over $5.9 million, accounting for a substantial 34% of creators’ revenue.

However, not all has been smooth sailing for Friend.Tech. Just last month, on August 24th, it was reported that NFT music market founder 3LAU decided to withdraw from the platform. This decision was attributed to concerns over risks and a notable drop in the value of 3LAU’s KEY tokens on Friend.Tech, which went from 0.36 ETH to 0.03 ETH.

Competing Forces: Post.Tech vs. Friend.Tech

Besides, Friend.Tech recently faced competition from Post.Tech, a similar platform on the Arbitrum blockchain. While Post.Tech’s 24-hour trading volume hit $1.8 million, grabbing attention in the crypto world, it still lags behind Friend.Tech’s impressive $20 million trading volume.

DappRadar data even reveals that Post.Tech has managed to challenge Friend.Tech’s user base with over 11,000 active wallets, compared to Friend.Tech’s 15,700 users.

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