Vitalik Buterin Criticizes El Salvador’s President And Bitcoin Maximalist: Report

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, hit the El Salvador government for introducing BTC, criticizing the President of El Salvador and the Bitcoin maximalists.

Vitalik Buterin gọi Thử nghiệm Bitcoin của El Salvador là "liều lĩnh"

Vitalik Buterin criticized the President of El Salvador

Vitalik Buterin criticizes El Salvador’s president and Bitcoin maximalist

Buterin’s comment came during his interactions on Reddit, where he targeted Bitcoin maximalists, saying it was easy to impress them for all they have to do is praise BTC and flaunt them even more. Buterin’s answer concerns the role of President Nayib Bukele and why he should not be celebrated as a hero. Buterin said

“The simpler and more stupid hypothesis: For political reasons as well as because he is a person like us, he is only gladly praised by those whom he considers powerful (e.g. Americans). Bitcoin maximalists are a very simple community to be praised for: they just have to be in a position of power and do or say nice things about them and their coins. “

El Salvador’s acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender received mixed reactions from various people. The crypto community in general is quite excited and supports the adoption of $ BTC by El Salvador, however the mainstream media and opposition groups continue to warn the small Central American nation of possible financial turmoil.

However, the comment from the Ethereum co-founder shocked many. When asked whether he would criticize Ethereum maximalist if a country opted for ETH, Buterin pointed to several cases in which he criticized Ethereum supporters.

Shame on Bitcoin Maximalists": Vitalik Buterin Hits Out At El Salvador's BTC  Adoption

Is it correct that Vitalik Buterin criticizes the President of El Salvador?

El Salvador and President Bukele have faced a lot of backlash from around the world over the introduction of Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that the U.S. dollar remains legal tender in the country and everyone has the right to choose between the two. The main concern is the president’s excessive promotion of the use of Bitcoin, which many outsiders believe is not true.

On the flip side, President Bukele said that the introduction of BTC is not a matter of luck and work is being done to ensure that 70% of the unsbanked population can access banking facilities using cell phones. El Salvador also builds clean Bitcoin mining rigs that run on volcanic energy.

Basically, the use of BTC in El Salvador still generates a lot of opinions. In addition to the criticisms such as Vitalik, there are also many convincing theories.

In any case, Bukele’s courageous decision is well received by the international community and appreciated by many.

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