How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

Let us discover how to get the Starknet airdrop and engage with protocols on the platform. Explore JediSwap, 10KSwap, zkLend, Nostra, ZKX, and more. Get your compatible wallet and bridge your funds to StarkNet for a chance to receive the $STRK airdrop. Today, let’s learn about this interesting crypto airdrop 2023 topic about Starknet with Coincu.
How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

What Is Starknet?

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

StarkNet is a decentralized, permissionless Validity-Rollup, also known as a “ZK-Rollup,” that functions as a secondary network built on top of Ethereum. It offers unlimited computational power to decentralized applications while maintaining the security and compatibility of Ethereum. This is achieved through the use of STARK, a highly secure and scalable cryptographic-proof system.

StarkNet utilizes the Cairo programming language for its contracts and operating system. Cairo supports the deployment and expansion of various business logic and serves as the native language for writing smart contracts on StarkNet. Recently, StarkWare introduced Cairo 1.0, an upgraded version of the language that simplifies and improves efficiency, syntaxes, libraries, and compiler integration.

StarkNet is developed by StarkWare Industries, an Israeli cryptography-focused software company. With a team of 70 employees, including blockchain engineers, StarkWare collaborates with top advisors in the blockchain industry, including Joseph Lubin, the CEO and founder of ConsenSys. In a recent Series D funding round, StarkWare raised $100 million, led by Greenoaks Capital and Coatue, valuing the company at an estimated $8 billion.

StarkNet has deployed their token $STRK on the Ethereum Mainnet but has not yet made them available for sale. The Foundation is currently working on determining the distribution mechanism, including incentive mechanisms for the community, which may include an airdrop.

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How to Get Starknet Airdrop

To receive the $STRK airdrop on StarkNet, the best way is to engage with protocols on the platform. By using their DApps, you not only have a chance to receive their airdrops but also earn additional rewards.

Starknet Airdrop Guide

1. Set up wallet

To engage with the Starkware ecosystem, you must possess a compatible wallet. Unfortunately, Metamask is currently not supported, and the best option for using StarkNet is through the Argent X wallet.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens
Starknet Airdrop Guide: Set Up Wallet

Argent X is StarkNet’s pioneer wallet and is widely utilized as the primary ecosystem wallet, with over 400,000 users and the support of leading investors such as Paragim, Index Ventures, and StarkWare Labs. To get started, install the Argent X browser extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, create an account on Mainnet, and start sending and receiving funds, discovering new NFTs, and swapping using Argent X.

2. Bridge to Starknet

To be eligible for the Starkent airdrop, it is important to bridge to the StarkNet network from the Ethereum mainnet. You can use StarkGate, the official bridge built and deployed by the StarkWare team, or Orbiter Finance.

Bridging funds to the StarkNet network is necessary to be included in the snapshot. We recommend using Orbiter Finance as it is usually the cheapest and fastest option. Additionally, using Orbiter Finance may make you eligible for any potential Orbiter Finance airdrop.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens
Starknet Airdrop Guide: Bridge

To bridge your funds, connect your wallet and send ETH tokens from the mainnet to StarkNet. Sending small amounts should be sufficient as long as you use the bridge frequently.

3. Interact with Starknet’s Platforms

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

To start using JediSwap, connect your wallet and begin swapping tokens or adding liquidity. JediSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on Starknet, offering near-zero gas fees. The only fee incurred is a 0.3% swap fee, which is distributed proportionally among liquidity providers.

With JediSwap live on the StarkNet mainnet, you can utilize it with your bridged ETH. As a strategy, you can make swaps and deploy liquidity using the ZAP feature.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

10KSwap is an automated market maker decentralized exchange (AMM DEX) that is a derivative of UniSwap. It is deployed on the StarkNet mainnet. To increase your chances of being included in the snapshot and being eligible for the airdrop, it is advised to frequently swap tokens and provide liquidity to pools.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

zkLend is a Layer 2 Money-Market Protocol built on Starknet. It leverages the zk-rollup technology to provide high scalability, faster transactions, and lower costs while ensuring Ethereum’s security.

The protocol offers a dual solution. One is focused on permission and compliance, catering to institutional clients. The other is a permissionless service for DeFi users while maintaining decentralization. Currently, the protocol is only available on the testnet, and users can supply and withdraw funds using the bridge to GoerliEth.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

Nostra is a decentralized protocol for lending, borrowing, and trading cryptocurrency on-chain, providing the efficiency of a centralized exchange. Deposit funds, borrow, repay, and withdraw to earn the chance to receive the Starknet airdrop.

Nostra is permissionless, which means that you can lend, borrow and trade crypto assets without the need for a bank or any other third party to act as an intermediary. Nostra is also non-custodial, which means that you retain full control of your crypto assets at all times.

Nostra successfully launched the alpha version of Nostra in December 2022 with a deposit cap, but now you can use the mainnet version on Starknet with unlimited capacity.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

ZKX Protocol is a groundbreaking swap protocol built on top of StarkNet. Unlike traditional swap protocols, ZKX Protocol leverages zero-knowledge proofs to provide a permissionless and secure transaction experience.

Additionally, it uses an automated market-maker system that can support trading pairs with low liquidity, reduce slippage, and seamlessly integrate with other protocols and applications. With its remarkable capabilities, ZKX Protocol is capable of serving a wide range of use cases.

Go signing up for the testnet to explore its features and benefits firsthand, which can earn you a higher chance to receive the Starknet airdrop.
How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens functions similarly to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for the StarkNet blockchain. Users can create their StarkNet identity, which acts as a passport and an on-chain representation.

This identity can be obtained for free and can be linked to various data sources, such as social media accounts from the traditional web (web2) or Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains from the decentralized web (web3).

The team behind StarkNet is planning to introduce additional features, including ENS bridges, Starknet id dashboards, and more. Additionally, users have the option to register a .stark domain. The recommended strategy is to create a StarkNet identity and register a personal .stark domain.


MintSquare is a platform for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that supports both zkSync and StarkNet. To create an NFT, you can upload a supported media file of any picture you desire. Remember to switch to the StarkNet network, not zkSync. Provide a name and attributes for your NFT, then click on “mint”.

The Potential Starknet Airdrop Details

The likelihood of an airdrop for the STRK token is high, as the StarkNet Foundation is currently planning the distribution mechanism. The token has a total supply of 10 billion, with investors receiving 17%, core contributors receiving 32.9%, and the StarkNet Foundation receiving 50.1%.

With the mainnet launching soon, there is a closing snapshot window, but there are rumors of a second snapshot after the launch. It is recommended to make the most of the mainnet.

The STRK token has three main utilities: staking for participation in StarkNet’s consensus mechanisms, governance and voting, and payment of transaction fees. Tokens allocated to shareholders, employees, and independent software developers will have a lockup period of 4 years.

Starknet Pre-Airdrop: Early Community Member Program (ECMP)

Recently, the Starknet Foundation announced the distribution of 50 million STRK tokens to early community members who contribute to technical discussions, organize events, and regularly publish content. The application window is open until November 23, 2023, with final decisions due on December 29.

How To Get Starknet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn STRK Tokens

The Early Community Member Program (ECMP) aims to support individual contributors who actively contribute to the Starknet ecosystem. It recognizes the importance of not only coders but also those who engage in community support, share knowledge, and make the ecosystem vibrant.

The program focuses on individuals who significantly contribute to the technical discourse, those listed by key projects, organizers of events, and regular publishers of Starknet branded content.

The evaluation committee will assess individuals and projects based on four essential criteria:

  • Firstly, the reach or impact of their work within the community, including the number of users, engagements, and followers.
  • Secondly, the importance of their work to the community or a specific project.
  • Thirdly, the effort they put into their contributions, including coding, community support, mentoring, and knowledge sharing.
  • Lastly, the originality and uniqueness of their work, such as creating new algorithms or approaching problems in innovative ways.

Projects need to submit an application detailing every individual that contributed to their project. Projects eligible for the Early Adopter Grant (EAG) also need to apply again.

Each project will be graded by the onboarding committee, and all contributors to a project will receive the same amount of tokens. Individuals can submit their application separately, and the committee will evaluate them. Recipients will be contacted by email for the onboarding process.

Conclusion – How to Get Starknet Airdrop

In conclusion, StarkNet is a decentralized Validity-Rollup built on top of Ethereum, offering unlimited computational power to decentralized applications. It utilizes the Cairo programming language for its contracts and operates under the guidance of StarkWare Industries.

To participate in the StarkNet airdrop, users can engage with protocols on the platform, bridge funds to the StarkNet network, and interact with various platforms such as JediSwap, 10KSwap, zkLend, Nostra, ZKX, MintSquare, and The STRK token, with a total supply of 10 billion, has multiple utilities including staking, governance, and payment of transaction fees.

Additionally, the Early Community Member Program (ECMP) rewards early contributors to the Starknet ecosystem. It is an exciting opportunity to be part of the StarkNet community and benefit from its innovative features and potential starknet airdrop opportunities.

DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.

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