Coinbase Verifications Feature Launched To Enhance Blockchain Security

Key Points:

  • Coinbase Cloud introduces “Coinbase Verifications” for enhanced blockchain security, leveraging the Ethereum Attestation Service standard.
  • Users can access apps and benefits with verified on-chain attestations.
  • Coinbase Cloud also integrated Kiln’s On-Chain Staking platform, allowing users to stake any amount of Ethereum.
Coinbase Cloud, a platform known for its blockchain infrastructure, has unveiled a new feature called “Coinbase Verifications.” This innovative addition allows users to verify their account and region credentials on the blockchain, ensuring enhanced security and compliance.
Coinbase Verifications Feature Launched To Enhance Blockchain Security

Coinbase Verifications is built on the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) open standard, offering a public and composable solution that streamlines the user experience without compromising security. Users can add sybil-resistance to various applications, such as airdrops, quests, social apps, or gaming platforms, thanks to this feature.

This new functionality is a set of Coinbase-verified on-chain attestations that grant access to apps and other on-chain benefits. By aligning with EAS, Coinbase Cloud ensures transparency and reliability for its users. EAS is an open-source public good included as a pre-deploy in the OP Stack.

Coinbase Cloud’s mission is to simplify blockchain infrastructure for crypto projects. The platform offers products like “Wallet as a Service,” making it accessible even to companies with little prior blockchain experience. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the installation of applications, wallet management, and communication with blockchain networks.

In a recent move, Coinbase Cloud democratized Ethereum (ETH) staking by integrating Kiln’s On-Chain Staking platform. This integration allows Coinbase Cloud customers to stake any amount of ETH, regardless of the 32 ETH threshold required for solo staking on Ethereum 2.0.

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