Billionaire George Soros’s mutual fund is said to be trading Bitcoin

Soros Fund Management, the private investment firm of billionaire George Soros, is reportedly trading Bitcoin (BTC) as part of a wider digital wealth survey.

Billionaire George Soros's mutual fund is said to be trading Bitcoin
Billionaire George Soros’s mutual fund is said to be trading Bitcoin

Dawn Fitzpatrick, Soros Fund Management’s Chief Investment Officer, has given the green light to trading Bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies over the past few weeks. Sources say Fitzpatrick and her team have been researching cryptocurrencies for some time and have always entered into silent joint ventures to drive development in the area.

Fitzpatrick has also reportedly been in talks about private equity acquisitions in leading blockchain-based companies, although the names of those companies were not disclosed. Soros Fund Management is one of the companies behind a $ 200 million financing round from New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). MassMutual, Morgan Stanley and Stone Ridge Holdings Group also joined the campaign.

At the time, NYDIG co-founder and CEO Robert Gutmann said the investment round was evidence that institutional bitcoin adoption was on the rise. TheStreet’s report went viral on social media and several prominent voices from the crypto community took part in the discussion.

However, Fitzpatrick has been consistently optimistic about Bitcoin for the past few months. In March, she said cryptocurrencies like BTC were at a “tipping point” that could lead to more adoption in the future. Fitzpatrick shared in March:

We have invested a lot in this infrastructure and think that now is the right time for it.


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