Former SHB banker defrauded colleagues of VND 4.3 billion after being empty-handed on the Wefinex multi-level exchange

Ha Hoi City Prosecutor’s Office has just completed the indictment against Defendant Nguyen Ngoc Kien – SN 1995 Wefinex, a former employee of Van Phuc Branch Bank (Lieu Giai Street, Cong Vi District, Ba Dinh District) for fraud and appropriation of Article 174 of the Prescribed by the Criminal Code. Kien’s criminal behavior is reflected in the fact that the defendant fraudulently swapped new billions from Dong for Kien’s 17 colleagues at the bank.

According to the indictment, from January 30, 2021 to March 24, 2021, the Ba Dinh District Police Department (Hanoi) received petitions from many people accusing Kien of fraud in order to obtain assets by exchanging new ones Currency to be occupied in denominations of VND 10,000, VND 20,000, VND 50,000 and VND 100,000 during the Lunar New Year 2021.

Start a new Wefinex

Bank employees use “trick” methods to acquire money from colleagues in order to exchange new money.

During the investigation, the investigative authority found that Kien opened an account “KienSHB55” from October 2020 to play Wefinex exchange (prediction of virtual currency trading – rise and fall of Bitcoin) on the Internet, albeit at a loss.

Even though he knew that the state bank was banning a new currency exchange, Kien needed money to continue playing on the Wefinex exchange, and so Kien had the intention of appropriating money from his colleagues who work with the bank by misrepresenting 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND, 50,000 VND, 100,000 VND on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2021.

Kien announced that each person in need first transfers money to Kien’s account in order to change households (no exchange fee). Kien promises that he will exchange new money for his colleagues after 2 to 7 days. But on the date of the appointment, colleagues kept asking for money to change, Kien looked for a new money changer on the Internet (Kien did not know the name and address) and took the exchange fee as agreed, so that Kien could return part of the money to this colleague. After that, Kien again promised to make other colleagues believe that Kien could exchange new money and continue to transfer money to him.

Through the above trick, Kien appropriated 17 colleagues from the bank between December 2020 and the end of January 2021 with a total amount of more than VND 4.3 billion.

Among the 17 victims who were colleagues who were tricked by Kien into changing money, Nguyen Dinh asked N Kien to exchange more than 1 billion new dongs. At the appointment, Kien did not deliver the new money, Mr. N. urged many times, then Kien went on the Internet to contact him, to find someone with new money to exchange and to return Mr. N. with 55 million new coins. Kien put the remaining amount of more than 1 billion dong into his account to play the Wefinex exchange, but lost everything and was unable to return it to Mr. N. Mr. N. asked the investigating authorities to treat Kien in accordance with Mr. N.’s legal requirements and forced Kien to compensate him for the amount of more than 1 billion dong that Kien had appropriated.

The person who cheated the most money from Kien must be Mr. Le Hong P (SN 1977, in Hanoi). At the beginning of January 2021, Kien sent an SMS to Mr P. to exchange new currencies worth 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND and 50,000 VND. Mr. P. has repeatedly transferred money totaling 1.5 billion dong to Kien. After Kien received money from Mr. P., Kien did not exchange any new money for Mr. P., but used it to deposit money into Kien’s account to play Wefinex Exchange, but lost everything. Currently, Kien cannot transfer the money to Mr P.

During the investigation, Mr. P. also suggested treating Kien in accordance with the law and forcing Kien to pay him an amount of VND 1.5 billion.

Source: CAND

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