XRP Recovery: Here Are 2 Indicators To Watch For This Week

Below $ 1, but close … XRP is trading at $ 0.89. Liquidity has increased continuously over the past two weeks. After falling a week ago, XRP’s market cap has increased. The altcoin has a market capitalization of $ 41.4 billion, although the price continues to drop more than 75% against ATH in 2018.

XRP Recovery Here Are 2 Indicators To Watch For This

Network transactions | Source: Network metrics

At this market capitalization, the number of transactions after their peak in early 2021 is medium. Although the price of XRP slumped following a lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple claiming the token was a share, the jump above $ 0.6 is almost as impressive. It fuels XRP’s long-term bullish history.

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Short-term ROI | Source: Messari

Based on the graph above, the short-term ROI for XRP has been largely negative for 30 days, but has been more than 95% for 90 days. In the past week there were 8174 transactions on the XRP network. With a circulation of 46%, the trading volume on exchanges such as Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, ZG.com increased. The altcoin is currently in 6th place and will likely be in the top 5 after a bull run.

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Trading in the XRP network | mạng source: XRPCharts

These are two factors that are likely to add to the rally.

  • An increase in the number of transactions on the network
  • Increase liquidity

With 46% of the circulating supply and a rate of 72.95 NVT, XRP’s bull run is likely to be a longer one, with an increase in on-chain transactions and analytics. On-chain indices and transactions support the bullish history of XRP.

In addition, the growing dominance of altcoins over Bitcoin is another factor driving the upward momentum. Currently, XRP’s liquidity is leading the rally with over 15,000 active addresses. The social volume has now decreased, it is minus 12%. The rise in social volume in the days following this week should signal a rise in prices, as the volume and price of social media in the case of XRP and most of the altcoins in the top 25 are proportional.

The bullish narrative of altcoin-backed XRP is also resisting selling pressures on the exchanges.


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