The government will never let cryptocurrencies slip through the net, according to the Apple co-founder

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak confirmed that the government would never allow cryptocurrencies to escape their control.


Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

Hence, he predicts that the cryptocurrency will be banned if it gains wide mainstream adoption:

“The point is, the government will never let it get out of hand. If cryptocurrencies go so far that everyone uses them at home, outperforms the government, or is not taxed and all of that … governments will not allow it. They will not give up their power. “

With the recent comments, Wozniak reiterated the views of Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio, who predicted that Bitcoin would be “most likely” to be considered illegal if it gets too big.

Then he adds that the government levies taxes to reduce inflation, calling it an “artificial system”:

“The government can only create, borrow and borrow new dollars …”

The famous engineer called Bitcoin “mathematically pure” because it cannot be modified by governments or private companies. In July, he said the largest cryptocurrency was a “miracle”.

Wozniak would love to see how crypto disrupts business and commerce, and mentions Jack Dorsey and his pro-bitcoin advocacy:

“I love it when people like Jack Dorsey talk and how crypto should be at the center of our business relationships.”

The Apple co-founder is unsure whether it is right to conduct transactions anonymously.

The 71-year-old entrepreneur found that cryptocurrencies are difficult to track down, but not impossible.

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