Review Cryowar ($CWAR) – The Play-To-Earn Revolution

Developed in Unreal Engine and on the Solana network, Cryowar is an amalgam between traditional gaming experience and best practices of the blockchain world, DAO voting, NFT, DEFI, and Play-to-Earn. Cryowar aims to create a multi-blockchain Medieval Metaverse without boundaries

Concept Project – What is Cryowar?

Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and on the Solana network. Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in an expansive Sci-Fi Medieval game world. Cryowar is an all-out battle of skill where the best players are in a constant battle for resources, territories, and world domination. Every player will have the unique opportunity to protect his realm and gain tremendous rewards in the process. Only the strongest will crown the leaderboards. Cryowar is currently under development for PC, iOS, and Android with cross-platform multiplayer.


Cryowar is an amalgam between a traditional PVP gaming experience and some of the best features of the blockchain world, like in-game platform decentralized governance elements (DAO/DAC), NFTs, and some DeFi characteristics. All participants will be able to win prizes and stake them in a decentralized blockchain environment. CRYOWAR is a gaming platform and ecosystem with deflationary token mechanics that integrates staking elements with classic gameplay, allowing users to achieve better rewards by increasing their in-game skill and experience levels

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Cryowar aims to build a long-term, stable, and constantly evolving game environment and token economy. Their endgame is the creation of a multi-blockchain Sci-Fi Medieval Metaverse without boundaries and borders where developers, investors and players can all contribute together to the creation of additional layers, features, modes and content, and explore the endless opportunities of human imagination


What is unique selling point?

Cryowar is a Solana-based, NFT, PvPvP, fast-paced gaming arena meta-verse which is built on the Unreal Engine. It is a first-mover with these attributes to be a fast-paced, PvPvP game built on both mobile and PC (rapidly growing economies). It introduced the best practices of the blockchain world of DAO voting, NFTs, and decentralized finance. Points that have been picked up by major Youtubers including EllioTrades (unsolicited).


Cryowar has been in development for three years and left stealth 4 weeks ago. This demonstrates their team’s dedication to the project, who draw experience from Amazon, Coca-Cola, MySql, and other top companies. Play-to-Earn, Deflationary Mechanisms, High-Octane Gameplay, Solana, and DAO Governance are just some of the functionalities they will start with but their long term vision is to expand further and make Cryowar the Champions

League of Crypto where players use different blockchain networks and NFTs to fight together. Cryowar appeals to all of the important current blockchain and cryptocurrency narratives, similar to projects such as Star Atlas. This includes Solana-based, NFT gaming, in-game assets, PvPvP, P2E, and the Unreal Engine. Major influencers have already discussed their projects on YouTube demonstrating clear demand, and their community grew to over 5000 members in just a few days after coming out of stealth

Unique Warrior Heroes

Road Map


Technical Data

The CWAR token is the core utility token of the Cryowar game platform and ecosystem at large. In order to facilitate a future and sustainable DAO design 1 000 000 000 CWAR tokens will be minted (pre-mined) to eventually achieve an effective game platform decentralized governance model, fully built on the Solana network.

Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Cryowar
  • Ticker: CWAR
  • Token price in USD: 1 CWAR = 0.028 USD
  • Blockchain platform: Solana
  • Token stansard: TBA
  • Contract: TBA
  • Token type: TBA
  • Token supply: 1,000,000,000 CWAR
  • Circulating supply: TBA

Token Allocation


Token Sale

Token release Schedule


Token Use Case

  • Staking for stability rewards
  • A medium for Buying/Selling Cryowar NFTs – initially character skins upon the platform launch (with further future steps to include: ingame items, pets and most importantly – in-game virtual land plots).
  • Token burns as needed to stabilize the in-game economy from the ingame marketplace fees and tournament buy-in fees.
  • The only medium to buy access and tickets for tournaments and duels
  • A chance for each player – either free-to-play or play-to-earn to receive rewards in tokens and NFTs. CWAR token holders will have a higher chance at skin/item loot drops.
  • As a Reward for the World Championships – or other tournaments that will eventually be organized.
  • When PvE modes are implemented, players will be able to select a game mode with severe difficulty to which they would be able to join only by either risking their equipment or tokens. But if they win they will receive higher rewards
  • As a medium to participate in hardcore farming or duels during which also fees will be collected
  • To reward with constant incentives and bonuses streamers, most active players etc.
  • To use as a medium of exchange for NFT trading and minting
  • To purchase Deflationary NFT Land Plots

How To Own The Token?


Market And Community


For the past several years revenue from the gaming industry has surpassed both the movie and music industries COMBINED. Players are spending more hours engaged in playing games, strong communities are being created, and the limits of this exponential growth remain uncharted with no signs of it slowing down.


According to the latest global Video Game Consumer Segmentation report from DFC Intelligence, more than 3 billion people across the globe are playing games. This represents about 40% of the world population.

Such ongoing market expansion constantly boosts revenue and provides security for the many businesses within the ecosystem, including developers, distributors, content creators, game platforms, and investors.


In later phases of development, they will introduce some forms of game/platform DAO Governance mechanics and provide additional incentives for our active community to receive rewards and develop the project and game to new heights.






Conclusion and analysis

This model opens up a new path for gamers, allowing them to turn their passion for gaming into a passive income stream. Solana, Esports, gaming, and play-to-earn are all primed for continued exponential growth. Cryowar has seamlessly integrated the best qualities of these profound spaces to usher in a new generation of blockchain gaming. Are you in?

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