APAC ranks first on NFT global list of areas of interest

According to the latest data from Google Trends, people from the Asia-Pacific region APAC ranked first on the global list of regions of interest to NFT last year. Possibly as a result of the ongoing boom in non-fungible tokens (NFT), people from China, Hong Kong and Singapore had the most Google searches for the keyword “NFT” during the year.

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APAC ranks first on the global list of regions of interest to NFT


APAC ranks first on the global list of regions of interest to NFT

According to a source from Google Trends data, China leads with the highest number of NFT searches and a Google search index of 100 points. Singapore is next with an index of 67, followed by Hong Kong with 62 points. Other top countries that have had a strong interest in and searched for the term “NFT”, including the Philippines, Venezuela, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, the United States, and New Zealand, were also curious about the term “NFT” and launched one Search through for it.

Still, the fact that China ranked first in the study isn’t entirely surprising as it is considered the most populous country in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the rating could also be related to switching to NFT as an alternative since the country’s recent major crypto crackdown.

Why is APAC # 1 on the global list of regions of interest for NFT?

According to a Bankless Times official, Khashayar Abbasi, investors interested in cryptocurrencies have no choice but to turn to NFT as the country has banned crypto trading.

With crypto regulations getting stricter, even if the industry is banned entirely, it goes without saying for any organization to be interested in NFT as it is the perfect alternative.

He also explained how China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba launched its own NFT marketplace, and said that it could also increase the popularity of NFT in China.

Abbasi then added in his concluding remarks that Asia-Pacific countries are more accustomed to digitized and cashless systems than Western countries and therefore have widespread use of NFT.

Meanwhile, Google searches for “NFT” reportedly outperformed searches for “cryptocurrency” in September, after the previous big surge in March.

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