What is Defily (DFL)? DFL cryptocurrency completed

The feature allows users to get involved in staking or lending crypto assets for high profits or to pay rewards in other cryptocurrencies.

Defily (DFL) là gì? Toàn tập về tiền điện tử DFL

The community has the right to create Dao votes and vote on the basis of the DFL inventory. If the number of votes makes up more than 10% of the DFL’s circulation, the Dao vote is approved.

The difference between the DFL and other projects is that this project is entirely for the community and the future of its ecological development in terms of Defi, Lending (Lending), Dex Floor, Gamefi .vv. …. Most notably in the near future, DFL will be available on Harmony One (funded by Harmony in a $ 300 million mutual fund), the value of DFL may no longer be given in decimals. The DFL has a very talented and committed development team that is always on the right track (or beyond) the roadmap, which can be seen as a big plus for domestic and foreign investors.

* Mechanisms that give the DFL more potential than other core values:

  • Halving cycle of 30 days makes dfl scarce and a huge amount of dfl is burned by Smart Vautls, IFO
  • There are 1 month, 2 month or 1 year holder blocking pools, if you withdraw early you will lose 50%, if you withdraw after the blocking period you will get the full amount.
  • Potential dragon war game, dragon coins in the game are used to spawn dragons, level up, buy items, buy land (metaverse). will consume dfl, which increases the lifetime value.
  • If you own dfl, you can farm many other potential tokens in the castle pool: https://defily.io/#/castles
What is Defily DFL DFL cryptocurrency completed
  • Smart Vaults help you with automatic iteration to optimize the farming and efficient burning of Dfl from Smart Vaults: https://defily.io/#/vaults

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There are also big chains like Ethereum, Tomochain and Avalanche in the DFL’s plan, so why not try to find out more about this great project and choose a bargain price for medium and long-term investments yourself. Take part to find out how valuable DFL Coin is. Thanks to everyone who read and shared it!

Join the Defily group to learn more ✌:

International telegram group ????: @defilyfinance
Group telegram Synthetic Team ????: @DefilyFinance_Synthetic Team

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