Top NFT marketplace Opensea has ATH sales of $ 10 billion

This weekend, the Opensea NFT market topped $ 10 billion in sales – an all-time high. Statistics show that 629,867 merchants contributed $ 10 billion in sales and had an average retail price of $ 872 / NFT since launch.

Opensea breaks all-time sales of 10 billion US dollars

NFT became hugely popular in 2021 and the trend will continue to grow throughout this year. Some reports show that the third quarter of 2021 broke the record numbers seen in Q1 and Q2. Now the leading NFT marketplace Opensea has reached the record milestone of over 10 billion US dollars in NFT sales.

Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace in terms of solvency. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity, the $ 2.99 billion project, has also hit the NFT market. Axie Infinity’s revenue accounted for 29.9% of Opensea’s revenue, and the Ethereum-based NFT game had 1,031,704 merchants.

Opensea achieved sales of $ 10 billion after the company’s $ 100 million financing round at the end of July. This capital has also made Opensea a unicorn company. However, upon receiving funding, Opensea’s management fired an employee after the crypto community accused him of insider trading. Four days later, Opensea Marketplace launched its smartphone app, which allows users to access the NFT marketplace with their mobile phones.

In addition to supporting the Ethereum network, the NFT marketplace also uses the Polygon network. The monthly opensea volume on Ethereum has been steadily decreasing every month since August, and although August was an all-time high for polygon-based opensea transactions, the last two months have remained stable. In September, the number of active traders using polygon-based opensea transactions was highest.

According to data from, Opensea’s average NFT price over its lifetime was $ 872. At the time of this writing, Opensea’s top 500 dealers are most likely to trade in NFT Art Blocks, followed by the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The next names are Art Blocks and BAYC are Cool Cats, Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and Cryptotoadz.

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