Skybridge Capital Founder: Buy Bitcoin Now Before It Hits $ 500,000

Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci said Bitcoin “trades easily at $ 500,000,” noting that investors should buy now, even at current prices.

Billion dollar asset manager Skybridge Capital plans to launch a Bitcoin fund

Scaramucci commented on the US economy, inflation and Bitcoin on Friday. When asked if he would advise people to buy Bitcoin at the current price of around $ 64,000, he was quick to respond:

“Do not worry. I still believe that we are still at the beginning. “

He notes that if Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood’s prediction is correct and there are “a billion wallets by late 2024 by mid-2025” then:

“These coins trade easily at $ 500,000. Remember, there won’t be enough Bitcoin for every millionaire in society to own 1 BTC.

Wood made his Bitcoin price prediction of $ 500,000 last September, saying that if institutional investors continue to diversify their money into Bitcoin, they will start allocating 5% of their funds.

“JPMorgan says there are $ 49 million millionaires. Hence, there is not enough BTC for every millionaire. So for me this is a very scarce commodity, ”said Scaramucci, adding:

“I’m telling people to own some sats of bitcoin because that’s what an evolving adaptive technology gives you. And the second thing it offers you is potential inflation protection.

I’m trying to do my best to explain to them why they need to own BTC now. “

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