About the HeroesTD game project

HeroesTD is a game based on blockchain and NFT technology application development on the Metaverse platform, created by CG Studio (formerly VGame), and is expected to be released to the public in late November 2021. This is also a 3D De-Fi game where players play 3D characters to fight in real time.

About the game HeroesTD

HeroesTD is a play-to-earn game based on the blockchain and metaverse technology platform, where players mimick 3D characters, take part in battles, and summon heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their base.

There are 2 types of heroes: base heroes and NFT heroes. Basic heroes are given to the player at the beginning of the game experience. These heroes can take part in battles in low-level PvP arenas. Players can also use these heroes to earn CGC by participating in daily events, quests, etc.

A strong deck is required for high-level PvP arenas, ranked games, tournaments, and challenges. Players can get NFT Heroes to charge their decks. NFT Heroes can only be bought in the Marketplace or summoned with 2 NFT Heroes.

HTD and CGC are the primary tokens used for all operations in the game and in the market. Players can use HTD and CGC to upgrade their deck, participate in high-level games, and become the best player.

Features of Game HeroesTD on the blockchain platform

Currently, the widespread blockchain promises to lead the gaming industry into a new era – the era of play-to-earn games. For this reason, CG Studio wants to understand this technology, develop the most optimal game industry so that users can freely play games and invest.

Since the HeroesTD game is based on the blockchain technology and the Metaverse platform, the game’s features are designed to allow players to roll in 3D characters and get into a super unique and interesting virtual world. There the characters take part in battles in the arenas, attack the enemy base and protect their own … When winning, the player can earn real money by exchanging or buying earned sales tokens.

The game has the following main features:

  • Real-time character role-playing multiplayer gameplay
  • Blockchains game to earn model
  • Game characters are heroes – heroes
  • season

HeroesTD gameplay

Heroes – heroes

HeroesTD has a lot of different heroes (generals). In it, each hero is elaborated on his own story, motives, and past, and the unique stories continue to be closely linked.

Heroes in HeroesTD are developed exclusively for Heroes Metaverse, each hero has unique attributes, roles and skills that make the game unique.

There are 2 types of generals (Heroes) in HeroesTD:

  • Basic heroes
  • General NFT

Players can receive Basic Heroes the first time they experience the game. These heroes are mainly used in the low-level PvP arena. Players can also use these champions to earn CGC by participating in daily events, quests, etc.

As for the high-level PvP arena, leaderboards, tournaments and challenges, players need a stronger set of hero cards. To recharge their deck, players can use NFT heroes in the chess deck. NFT heroes can only be bought on the exchange or summoned with 2 NFT heroes.

Battle model from Game HeroesTD

HeroesTD is a defense strategy 3D de fi game where players can collect, build, and customize their deck to win. The game has 4 combat modes:

  • PvP arena
  • Co-op mode
  • Challenge mode
  • competition

PvP arena

This is the first mode in the game. Players can join with non-NFT base heroes. When participating in a fight, players are compared to other players to enter a game based on each person’s PvP rating.

In this mode, depending on their PvP rank, players can earn CGC after each match. In low level games, players can only receive a very small amount of CGC. Therefore, the higher a player’s PvP rank, the more CGC that can be obtained.


Co-op mode

In this mode, the player is assigned to a random player to take part in a cooperative defense game. Each player will bring their deck into battle and work together to defend the base against waves of enemies. Depending on the number of waves completed, the player will be rewarded with a lot of CGC.


Challenge mode

In this mode, players can challenge other players directly in 2 ways: Direct Challenge or Deck Challenge. To take part in the Challenge, both players must pay a CGC entry fee and the winner will receive a reward based on this CGC amount, minus a small fee.

This mode encourages players to better customize their deck and improve their skills compared to their friends.



In this mode, 4 or 8 players pay the entry fee to take part in the tournament. Players are lined up in pairs to climb the tournament. Only the last stand will receive the tournament prize!


Economic model in the game

Two main models in HeroesTD are Free to Play and Play to Earn – both play and earn. HeroesTD enables players to make money through in-game upgrades and character development. In addition, players can also create new unique NFT content and exchange it with other players for cash

Play for free

At the beginning, the system provides players with 5 basic heroes. With these non-NFT heroes, players can explore the HeroesTD virtual world, take part in PvP battles, and earn some CGC. Players can then choose to withdraw their earned CGCs to their wallets, sell them on the marketplace, or trade with friends using blockchain technology.

However, the number of CGCs is limited when playing PvP matches. If you want to take part in high level matches, you need a strong deck. The suggestion is that the NFT Heroes help increase the deck’s performance. Players can buy them on the marketplace.

Play to earn

Born with the play-to-earn model – play and earn, HeroesTD creates conditions for players to make money in many ways:

Option 1: If players don’t want to spend money in the game, they can use free heroes to participate in battles and collect CGC, then they can sell CGC tokens in the marketplace or use them to own high-end heroes.

Earn CGC in-game by:

  1. PvP arena
  2. Cooperate
  3. challenge
  4. Tournaments
  5. Various quests like daily events, quests, etc.

Method 2: if you can’t wait, players can buy NFT Heroes. With this hero, players can take part in high-level matches, win and exchange them for HTD tokens. Then exchange this token on the marketplace for real money.

Earn HTD in-game by:

  • Win the PvP leaderboard
  • Trade in the marketplace

There are 2 tokens in HeroesTD: HTD and CGC

Basic information about the HeroesTD token – HTD

  • Token name: HeroesTD
  • Ticker: HTD
  • Blockchain: BSC Station, LaunchZone, Kaistarter, ONUS, MEXC and DApp
  • Total supply: 468,000,000 HTD


HTD is a dedicated NFT DeFi for HeroesTD. HTDs can be used to participate in in-game activities and purchase assets on the Marketplace. HTD has a special purpose to summon new heroes. HTD can be earned through in-game play-to-earn activities.

HeroesTD Token Assignment – HTD




HeroesTD IDO and IEO events

HeroesTD’s IDO is expected to appear on various platforms at the end of November 2021. BSC-Station, LaunchZone, Kaistarter, ONUS and IEO is supposed to start on MEXC.

Team of HeroesTD


The CG Studio team is a group of excellent and experienced members who have long worked in the field of mobile game development and blockchain technology. The group was founded in 2013 with the name VGames, has developed many games for many platforms such as: Android, iOS, Winphone, Html5, …

CG Studio focused on developing casual games and popular games in the world. Since 2015, CG Studio has been focusing more on developing online strategy games and has released several titles such as GunGun Online, Chess TD, … These are mid-range strategy games with appealing gameplay that have collected over 6 million downloads in the Appstore and CH Play. and still growing.

As blockchain becomes more complete and popular, CG Studio decided to apply it to mobile platforms, especially games, with a completely new approach and pioneered the creation of a new market full of fun and challenges around the world.

HeroesTD partners and investors


Should the future invest in HTD coins?

HeroesTD will likely be the first stepping stone into the Heroes Metaverse era. Because before building the game world of Metaverse – HeroesTD, CG Studio had many years of experience in creating and developing games. The development of blockchain technology and the newly released Metaverse element prompt CG Studio to take this opportunity to contribute to the optimal development of the game industry and create conditions for everyone to have fun, play and invest to make money.

HeroesTD – Metaverse promises to lead the gaming industry into a new era – the era of play-to-earn games.

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