Chimeras Announces Sales of NFTs for In-Game Content

Chimeras Announces Sales of NFTs for In-Game Content

Chimeras Announces Sales of NFTs for In-Game Content

November 22, 2021, Kiev, Ukraine – Sport Metaverse Play for Money (P2E) Chimeras is launching a brand new collection of Inedible Tokens (NFTs) based on game characters. There are two types of characters in the game world of Chimeras: Chimeras and Chosen Ones. The new NFTs contain 20 The Decided on characters with 268 more variations and different star levels, making a total of 5360 new NFT characters that can be used and upgraded in-game. The Chosen are unique creatures that the player can use in battles. The player can get the chosen one by performing a ritual with the magic stone. There are no limits to the appearance and abilities of the chosen one, as they look like humans, demons and dragons. Each pick can be converted to NFT and sold so that players can earn from it too.

Chimeras Announces Sale of NFTs for 5th In-Game Content

The player can level up the chosen one with experience and unique resources earned in battles. There are also runes and points of the chosen one that can give the character additional health or other abilities.

The level and level of the chosen one are irrelevant – the chosen one must “eat” a certain amount of the chosen one, except for a certain number of stars. It is an adventurous journey for those who want to enjoy the game and make money.

The first phase of the NFT sale has begun. The collection will also go live on the NFT marketplaces on Tuesday, November 23rd at 12pm UTC and tofuNFT on Wednesday, November 24th at 12pm UTC platforms and markets.

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Chimeras develops leeway for money

The launch follows a successful private round of funding last month, in which the P2E project raised just over $ 2 million. Well-known blockchain venture firms that participated in the private round include Polygon, Master Ventures, AU 21, Poolz, BullPerks, X21, OIG Invest, Panda Cash, Shima Cash, LVT Money, Otis Money, and Lotus Money. This money will be used to further develop the highest-earning gaming platform. Chimeras also started a successful Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on three platforms at the end of October 2021.

The native CHIM token forms the backbone of the in-game economy and enables users to exchange in-game assets such as land and NFT-based items. Users can also spend CHIM to purchase NFT items, craft creatures, purchase land, and upgrade NFT items. In combination, these functions bring Chimeras to the top of the decentralized P2E area.

About chimeras

The Chimeras Project is a monetization metaverse that takes a free-to-play approach that allows players to monetize the content they create in the game, as well as the actions and achievements they win. The core concept of Chimeras is an exciting mobile game that is integrated with decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT encryption and revolves around a fantasy world full of cuddly creatures – Chimeras.

Chimeras contains a well-developed storyline to attract players with its lore. The vast fantasy world of Chimeras features farmers, alchemists, merchants, murderers, landowners, and society. The islands and archipelagos of the Metaverse stretch between the boundless oceans of the world, some of which have owners, while travelers and traders surf the vast expanses of the universe in search of adventure and professional table trades. The game also includes elements of combat as warriors eagerly defeat worthy opponents in the arenas, while scientists compete to breed the most amazing creatures in the laboratory.

The team behind Chimeras has extensive industry experience. This includes experts in BlockchainDev, GameDev and Marketing, all of whom are focused on creating a fun crypto game. Over 30 professionals implement the latest methods to develop successful gaming solutions and focus on entertainment as the core of the entire game.

To learn more about chimeras and the introduction of new NFTs, visit the main website here.

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