Axie’s land changed hands for $ 2.3 million when Metaverse’s price skyrocketed

Axie’s land changed hands for $ 2.3 million when Metaverse‘s price skyrocketed . Another multi-million dollar chunk of digital land has changed hands as prices for the virtual real estate metaverse continue to rise. The newest block of virtual assets, the Land of Axie, has cost its new owners a staggering $ 2.3 million in Ethereum (ETH).

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Axie Infinity property is for sale for 550 ETH

Axie Infinity property is for sale for 550 ETH

A digital piece of land in the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity was sold for a high price of 550 ETH.

The official Axie Infinity website tweeted:

“A property owned by Genesis that has just been sold for 550 ETH! That’s over $ 2.3 million! Our player-owned digital nation continues to shock the world. We believe this is the highest amount ever paid for a digital property. Wish buyers and sellers! ”

Axie Infinity received its first lot on January 22, 2019. A few years later, the ArcaChemist user made a fortune after his original property listing sold for around $ 2.3 million.

Though Axie Infinity’s land game isn’t out yet, the land’s value is still rising as the anticipation of the game mode’s release draws nearer. Lunacian # 789512 appears to be preparing for this release as it currently has fifteen Mystic plots and three Genesis plots. According to the roadmap, the alpha of the land game community will start in the fourth quarter of 2021. At the time of writing, the minimum price for a piece of digital property in Lunacia is a piece of Savannah land priced at 3.5 ETH. Is this a harbinger of things to come in the near future?

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Axie’s land changed hands for $ 2.3 million when Metaverse prices skyrocketed

Genesis storylines are especially rare in the game: only 220 currently exist, a factor that has increased their value as the title’s popularity continues to rise.

Earlier this week, a piece of digital land from the Metaverse game Decentraland sold for $ 2.8 million – where it was snapped up by The second bought virtual real estate on Fashion Street, part of the map that was billed as the new fashion and e-commerce hub.

Yahoo Finance calculated a fiat equivalent price of $ 2.43 million and found the price “higher than most homes in New York City and San Francisco.”

A poster on Reddit complained:

“I can’t buy land in the real world or online.”

Axie Infinity surpassed $ 2.5 billion in trading volume in the third quarter of its current fiscal year, while big players like Southeby’s and Coca Cola poured into Decentraland. In the meantime, the Adidas Originals brand has also bought virtual real estate on The Sandbox.

Some believe the party is just beginning, like Bitcoin (BTC) trust operator Grayscale, who released a report on the Metaverse this week. Outer space, grayscale was chosen, was only “in the first legs”.

Company wrote:

“The market opportunity to bring Metaverse to life could have annual sales of more than $ 1 trillion and compete with Web 2.0 companies that are valued at around $ 15 trillion today.”

Greyscale added that the Metaverse had the potential to “change the world’s business model, culture and politics, and claims that Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) and its own Metaverse plans have closed down. “Role” as a catalyst “for the area of ​​rapid development.

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