Apple co-founder Wozniak says Bitcoin is a miracle and better than gold

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has reportedly reiterated his positive stance on Bitcoin (BTC) despite not being a Bitcoin investor himself.

A strong proponent of Bitcoin, who once called it “the only digital gold,” Wozniak called Bitcoin a “marvel of technology” and a “unique mathematical formula” at Talent Land Digital 2021, a major virtual event in Latin America that is dedicated to technology and innovation.

As the local news agency El Sol de México reported on Thursday, Apple’s co-founder also pointed out that Bitcoin is better than gold, which means that mining Bitcoin blocks is easier than finding and mining yellow:

“Gold is limited and you have to look for it. Bitcoin is the ultimate math miracle. I’m not investing in Bitcoin, but I think it’s here to stay. “

Many analysts and industry players have referred to Bitcoin as “digital gold” because both gold and Bitcoin have limited supply and thus potentially gain value in the market. While gold is limited by the physical supply and difficult to mine, bitcoin mining is limited to 21 million coins according to the source code, which means there will be no new bitcoins after the last coin in 2140.

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Wozniak’s comments come shortly after Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico, declared that it was “absolutely right” to treat Bitcoin as gold. “That is absolutely correct, Bitcoin is the new gold, but much easier to move, much easier to transport than when you have gold bars in your pocket,” said the billionaire businessman.

Wozniak made similar comments about Bitcoin back in June 2018, claiming that “only Bitcoin is pure digital gold”. The tech expert noted that he bought the comments from the director. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has repeatedly argued that Bitcoin is the internet’s only currency.



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