These 5 altcoins have enormous potential in terms of venture capital, according to the KOL Coin Bureau

Renowned analyst and host of the Coin Bureau, To mark Some projects have high potential and have been invested by venture capitalists.

Guy started his list of five crypto projects with the Solana (SOL) smart contract platform, which is one of the projects that has received massive financial support from venture capital firms (VC) since the beginning of the year.

“When VCs invest heavily in an already active cryptocurrency, it shows that the project in question has enormous long-term potential and is not just a speculative short-term investment. .

In the first place we have Solana. “

The YouTuber told his nearly 1.2 million YouTube subscribers that over $ 500 million has flowed into Solana in various tranches as he sees this as a “bullish” sign.

These include a $ 40 million round of funding in March, a $ 60 million round of funding in May, another $ 100 million in May, and $ 314 million in June.

Next on Guy’s list is Dapper Labs, the project that owns the famous NBA Top Shot cryptocurrency collecting platform.

Dapper was mobilize Raised over $ 300 million from multiple VC firms in less than five months as excitement for the Top Shot ecosystem grew.

Blockchain Proof-of-Stake Algorand (ALGO) ranks 3rd on Guy’s list of high-potential cryptocurrencies thanks to financial support from VCs. Arrington Capital raised US $ 100 million in June to “fund projects based on the Algorand blockchain”.

Next on his list is the proof-of-space blockchain Chia Network (XCH), which raised $ 60 million in May.

The multi-chain platform Kusama ranks fifth on Guy’s list.

The project, along with its sister platform Polkadot, raised $ 30 million in June, and Kusama’s parachain auctions, which allow the crypto community to bid on projects, will start and operate on the network.

The flagship project, Karura Network, collected over 500,000 KSM tokens (approx. 100 million US dollars) in a crowd loan from the community and became the winner of the first round of auctions.

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