PathDAO announces senior mentors and mentors in the leadership of BLBP

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In preparation for the launch of CopperLaunch BLBP (Balanced Liquidity Launch Group) on December 4th, 2021, the gaming organization and fintech PathDAO has just unveiled a premium range of consultants, gaming partners and its own supporters.

With a seed round led by Defiance Capital and Merit Circle, PathDAO’s advisors currently include Illuvium Co-Founder Kieran Warwick, Compensated Network CEO Kyle Chasse, EnjinStarter CEO, Prakash Somosundram, Ajaib CEO (Fintech -Unicorn) Anderson Sumarli and the CEO of LVT Funds Pino Tedesco. This impressive line of products will provide essential guidance for the development of PathDAO in the blockchain fintech and gaming space.

PathDAO team and consultants

Figure 1: PathDAO team and consultants

Gaming partnerships are a key factor in the success of any sports association as they gain exclusive access to off-market offerings and player support systems. PathDAO has compiled an impressive list of in-game partnerships in development, including Illuvium, Axie Infinity, CryptoUnicorns, Sipher, VulcanForge, League of Kingdoms, Playermon, 9 Chronicles, Geopoly, and Age of Tanks. With several other ongoing partnership talks, these PathDAO will certainly offer an attractive entry point into the respective games.

PathDAO's existing gaming partnership

Figure 2: PathDAO’s existing gaming partnership

Eventually, PathDAO closes an oversubscribed private sale with some of the top VCs and private investors, with Defiance Funds and Advantage Circle providing strength on the marketing front and public participation.

Introduction to PathDAO

PathDAO is a decentralized, community-first autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the evolving blockchain and metaverse game. The main focus of PathDAO is on building a community of gamers to make money, invest in blockchain games, and lay a foundation for innovative blockchain games and non-fungible token (NFT) projects.


At the time of writing, PathDAO has hired more than 600 scientists to work on two games – Axie Infinity and VulcanForge. There are immediate plans to increase this to 1000 grant recipients and 3-4 games in action over the next month.

With this in mind, PathDAO works actively with the founding teams of various games to jointly develop their clan participation model and create a solid basis for scaling participation.

Fintech for no bank

Today, many banks and fintechs struggle to reach the population with and without bank account who are excluded from their services due to minimum balance requirements, high fees, lack of trust and understanding, and creditworthiness.

With the majority of players in the play-for-money (P2E) ecosystem lacking in banking and with PathDAO as the primary income distributor, PathDAO is best positioned to be the first port of call for financial services adoption, bringing insurance, microcredit, investment and financial services Referral services for academics and the wider P2E community and association.


For Matchmaker, PathDAO will focus on growing its community both online and offline through community events. To maximize player potential and return on investment, PathDAO will administer training programs specifically designed for its players.

Investors can look forward to the development of on-chain voting and performance dashboards to optimize their communication with the PathDAO ecosystem. SubDAO is created specifically for each game PathDAO invests in to ultimately ensure maximum return for investors.

PathDAO believes developers play an important role in the blockchain ecosystem and plans to help developers begin their journey through the seed community, launch prominent NFTs, and create a game launch platform.

More information

You can find more information about PathDAO, its mission and CopperLaunch BLBP on the following channels:






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