UniLayer Capital establishes $ 10 million VC fund for Metaverse, Web 3.0


UniLayer Cash launches venture capital incubation program with an initial capital of $ 10 million. The fund will mainly focus on developing startup projects for Metaverse and crypto games.

The company actively invests in startups that focus their business on the blockchain environment and the World Wide Web metaverse create value.

There is a great opportunity for projects in the seed phase to become important players in the metaverse with the support of incubation and funding programs. UniLayer’s venture funds will be used to invest in the next series of attractive companies in the Metaverse area, which also have a business model based on the World Wide Web 3 (decentralized blockchain).

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The concept of the metaverse has existed since the early 1990s with computer games such as 2nd Everyday Living. The term became popular during the pandemic and due to public interest in online sharing spaces. People can connect online in innovative ways without being limited by physical space.

Global conditions intensify the focus and subsequent investment in the development of online solutions for remote work, match play, entertainment, education and the development and development of Virtual Reality (VR) in the middle of the Augmented Reality (AR) phase. While many people associate the metaverse with recreation, it also has plenty of potential for online work and more.

The surge in interest and technology in the Metaverse has breathed new life into VR / AR tools. Immersive multimedia platforms that allow users to create a digital universe are currently under development. With the right vision for the future, early-stage projects can develop into the next generation of technology leaders.

Promote new ideas

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With UniLayer Launchpad, UniLayer Funds offers a powerful platform with all the tools required for projects and developments to be successful in the expanding blockchain market.

UniLayer Launchpad is a trustless, decentralized, efficient and transparent way of raising funds for a startup project. It is the right platform for crypto and game projects to get started on the World Wide Web 3 ..

With the newly announced Net 3 and Metaverse Development Fund, UniLayer Funds and UniLayer Launchpad are well positioned to support early-stage projects and bring them to market with the necessary funding and industry connections.

A daring view of the world

Metaverse promises users that they can do almost anything they imagine. The amalgamation of physical and digital experiences is a growing market and UniLayer plans to enter with heavy investments.

With the support of the future-oriented UniLayer Cash team, new projects that exploit the full potential of Metaverse and Net 3 technologies can gain a foothold in an industry with great growth potential.

UniLayer is interested in projects in the metaverse space that are based on the model of decentralized autonomous organizations. The concept of user-managed platforms through shared ownership is the next level in the VR world.

End-user digital tools and applications are shifting their front-end user interfaces from 2D to 3D, providing opportunities for new forms of human communication, content creation, workplace collaboration, community interaction and of course property and asset management.

Along with the concept of the metaverse, the rise of the World Wide Web 3. – powered by decentralization through cryptocurrency and blockchain – represents the next era. People have shown they love the abundant online space, so this UniLayer Capital fund comes out at the right time.

About UniLayer Money

UniLayer Capital is UniLayer’s venture capital arm. It is designed to support the development of cutting-edge technology in many industries. It works with some of the brightest minds in Blockchain, Net 3., and other digital industries. It is committed to creating responsible development and has both the funding and industry expertise to create successful development projects in a highly competitive environment.

About UniLayer

UniLayer is a decentralized trading platform of the next generation, which is based on Uniswap and enables trading on a professional level with its LAYER utility token. It focuses on automated swaps and liquidity management, staking, farming, charting and analysis, live order book etc. UniLayer monitors the on-chain status for liquidity, tokens and exchange rates and provides a real-time feed to dashboards where automated trades are taking place .

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