Experience in a Bitcoin Country

Have you ever thought about going to El Salvador – a bitcoin country? How would you feel to be able to use Bitcoin for all payments in this small Central American country?

Follow Fabiano Dias International Sales Manager at Bitwage, one of the pioneers and market leaders in the field of cryptocurrency, to El Salvador to gain experience in a Bitcoin country.

Experience in a Bitcoin country

Fabiano Dias beginsWhat is the experience like in a Bitcoin country?

Fabiano Dias is not only Director of International Business at Bitwage, one of the pioneers and market leaders in the field of cryptocurrency, but has also been working with crypto since 2015 and is a speaker and participant in major global events with Bitcoin BR, Labitconf, Decentralizar, Bitcoin & Blockchain Prague and Viva Tech Paris.

It so happened on September 7th, 2021 that “La Ley Bitcoin” – the BTC Law – was approved, making Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador. The initiative of President Nayib Bukele, a young politician who served as mayor of the state capital and won the national executive seat in two rotating parties for decades.

And 2 months and 1 week later, Fabiano Dias’ team was at LaBitconf, the Latin American conference for BTC and derivative technologies. They are “bitcoiners”, “cryptocurrency enthusiasts”, people from all angles, backgrounds and thoughts. All united by a passion for changing the global financial system in the most radical way history has ever seen.

As soon as you arrive at the airport in San Salvador, pay the entrance fee in BTC, the journey begins. The famous “Accept Bitcoin” sign and the advertisement of a large exchange outside, visible through the glass, greeted them and signaled that something new was coming.

Experience in a Bitcoin Country – Chat with the locals

Fabiano Dias took every opportunity to speak to Salvadorans, both in stores and at Ubers, and at events during the week of November 13-21 – Bitcoin Week.

People’s hopes are high. Even among the most suspicious, natural and prudent, with politics. The President’s bold demeanor has raised a positive expectation that El Salvador, now “on the map”, will attract international attention to this small country in what is now a wonderful experience in bringing people financial liberation. In fact, it was the first time for some Salvadorans to have an account to manage their money.

Experience in a Bitcoin country – Paying with Bitcoin


His team was also impressed by the speed – 2 months – in which the Bitcoin payment structure was implemented. Chivo, as it has been called, is a software brand that runs on retail outlets, cell phones, and ATMs. Almost every company that accepts cards also accepts Bitcoin.

Like everyone else, Fabiano Dias received his international card. For many purchases, paying with Bitcoin is more worthwhile as the cost of using the card for them in Brazil and South America between taxes and offers is high. Most importantly, withdrawing money from Chivo ATMs, which is the cheapest way to withdraw dollars a Brazilian can find on the planet today.

However, it goes without saying that point of sale, ATMs, and even mobile apps don’t need any improvement.

Experience in a BTC Country – Facts about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

It continues with a range of events across the country, at convention centers and hotels, from San Salvador to BTC Beach – El Zonte – where it all began. Over 40 events extend over these locations and cover various topics such as infrastructure, lighting networks, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

It was said that President Bukele will come to the event in person to speak to the public from across America and around the world who attended the event. The participants then received an email invitation. It will be in the NAWI Beach House. Does anyone really know what’s going to happen, a dinner or a conference with politicians?

And … a ballad with DJ and stage, serving drinks.


At this point in the night everyone is wondering if he will be the next DJ or if he will fall from the sky with his guitar to do a “live PA” at the party. At around 10 p.m. the sound ceased and the President’s “show” began.

The entrance is worthy of a rock concert. Something really unusual. What follows is a flurry of futuristic ideas from President Bukele.

But politicians are known to have no ideas, they have promises. The promise of a city with sustainable energy comes from volcanoes, with no taxes (other than value creation). Bitcoin City, as he called it.

There is a mixture of skepticism and a desire to see everything done. Overall, everyone is satisfied. Something unusual again in a political speech.

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