Bitcoin drops to new low of $ 32,000 while crypto markets lose $ 80 billion

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Bitcoin drops to a new low of $ 32,000 as the rest of the crypto market loses over $ 120 billion and hits $ 80 billion in just two days.

The crypto market lost over $ 210 billion in two days as Bitcoin fell to a new low of $ 32,000 and problems continued with another slide to new lows below $ 32,000. Altcoins are in the red with ETH and BC trading below $ 2000 and $ 300 respectively, and trading volumes were minimal over the weekend, with the price of the major cryptocurrency rising. It rose from $ 33,000 to $ 35,000. However, by this point the bears have regained control and will not allow a breakout. On the contrary, they pushed BTC south, as reported a day ago.

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BTC fell to $ 33,000 and then tried to recover, but the situation got worse. The asset continued to fall, breaking below $ 32,000 for the first time since June, hitting a low of $ 31,650. This is the lowest price line in 17 days and although BTC’s market cap regained a few hundred dollars over the next few hours, BTC’s market cap has fallen below $ 600 billion as its dominance increases. 46% due to a bloodbath among other altcoins.

As recently reported, rumors swirled around Apple buying $ 2.5 billion worth of Bitcoin after crypto Twitter exploded that the company would soon announce the news. Galaxy Trading is one of the companies that fueled the rumor when it said the figure was over $ 2 billion. While ChainLeak CEO Joshua Roomsburg put the alleged acquisition at $ 2.5 billion, adding that if the rumors were true, he would buy an iPhone to commemorate the event. When Tesla announced it would sell $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

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Even so, many rumors suggest that Apple supports the cryptocurrency. But whether that extends to the $ 2.5 billion investment is another question. Apple has even advertised a position as Business Development Manager for “Alternative Payments” and one of the most important requirements for the position is more than 5 years of experience working with other payment providers, including cryptocurrencies.

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