Real Realm’s events! Hold $REAL get NFTS and More Friends more NFTS – 20 Dec

More Friends More NFTS

1/ Time

Dec 20, 2021 – Jan 15, 2022

2/ How to join

Step 1: Access the website and fill in your BSC (BEP-20) wallet address to get the referral link

Step 2: Click “Verify Participation” and complete the tasks.

Step 3: Use the referral link to introduce and invite friends to join the event.

3/ Rewards

a/ Social Point (SP)

The Social Points (SP) that you earn in the event will not be lost when the event ends and can be kept to participate in other (appropriate) events of Real Realm later.

b/ Hero pieces

Hero pieces will have 10 types (divided by body parts), when you have enough 5 pieces of each type (total 50 pieces) of a Hero, then you can Claim 1 Hero NFT.

The number of leftover Hero pieces and not enough to combine into 1 Hero NFT after the event ends will be deleted.

4/ Terms & Conditions

For the referrer

Participants need to hold at least 50 REAL tokens in their wallet (this wallet address must be the same as the wallet address you submitted to participate in the event)

Participants need to complete 3 steps of the event.

The invitee must also participate and complete 3 steps of the event & hold at least 50 REAL.

For the invitee:

The invitee completes 3 steps of the event & also needs to hold at least 50 REAL in their wallet.

5/ Rewards calculation method

For the referrer

Invite the first person to participate in the event successfully: get 1 Social Point & 20 Hero pieces (randomly).

Successfully invite from the 2nd person onwards: get 1 Social Point & 5 Hero pieces (randomly)

 For the invitee:

Complete 3 steps to participate in the event and meet the requirements to hold at least 50 REAL in the wallet to receive: 1 Social Point & 25 Hero pieces (randomly) – This amount of 25 Hero pieces are only counted for 1 time and only for the first time participating in the event.

6/ Time of sending rewards

Social Points & Hero pieces will be counted as soon as players complete all the steps to participate in the event.

The Hero NFT as the reward will be sent every Wednesday and Sunday at 22:00 (UTC+7) since Real Realm receives the player’s Claiming Hero NFT request.


1/ Time:

Dec 20, 2021 – Jan 15, 2021

2/ How to join:

Access the website, connect your wallet, and register to participate in the event

Choose the option of periods you will hold REAL tokens when participating in the event to receive Hero pieces:

10 consecutive days

20 consecutive days

30 consecutive days

Note: During the registered period, if your wallet does not have enough REAL tokens according to the specified levels (as below), you won’t get the Hero pieces.

3/ Rewards:

The rewards are Hero pieces. Hero pieces will be randomly distributed of 9 types of Heroes

The amount of Hero pieces that you receive will be divided into 3 levels:

Level 1: Hold from 1,000 – 3000 REAL will get 1 Hero piece (randomly)/day

Level 2: Hold from 3,001 – 5,000 REAL will get 4 Hero pieces (randomly)/day

Level 3: Hold more than 5,000 $REAL will get 8 Hero pieces (randomly)/day

4/ How to receive the reward:

When you have enough 50 pieces of the same type of a Hero, you can Claim to mint that Hero

The cost of minting Hero NFT will be paid by you.

After you claim the Hero NFT successfully, the Hero pieces used to claim the Hero NFT will be deducted by 50 pieces respectively.

At the end of the event, the remaining Hero pieces that are not enough to claim a Hero NFT will be brought to the game for you when the mainnet is launched.

Note: The Hero pieces in this event are different from Hero pieces of The More Friends, More NFTs event

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