What is UFO gaming (UFO)?

UFO is the utility token of the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform UFO Gaming, which acts like a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The goal of the platform is to bridge the gap between traditional games and blockchain games by integrating and developing new game features, and giving players the opportunity to earn assets (like NFTs and coins) while playing.

UFO games

UFO is also the primary utility token in Dark Metaverse, a fictional planet from UFO Gaming. The games created in the Dark Metaverse represent a world where players can buy land on the planet and make money by doing certain in-game activities. Super Galactic is one of the planets featured so far.

Building on the Ethereum network and combined with the super scalable layer 2 polygon solution, Super Galactic is a decentralized game with its own collection of NFTs and an automated battler. You need a character to play Super Galactic called NFT UFOep. To mint UFOep, you will need to farm plasma points using UFO tokens.

How does UFO gaming (UFO) work?

UFO Gaming is completely community-based and therefore works with a community-first mentality. Players can choose their favorite genre to make money on this decentralized gaming platform. Users have full control over content ownership. In addition, they can move UFO Gaming-powered assets from one platform to another, including Gate.io, Shibaswap or Uniswap.

UFO is a fully decentralized platform and automated system based on the DAO principle. Owners can vote on community decisions on the Dark Metaverse and are part of the UFO governance system. Top owners have the right to vote DAO on the future of this metaverse.

UFO gaming smart contracts are well secured and hacked to check out.

In order to interact with the ecosystem, users must first have UFO as it is the main utility token. In order to play Super Galactic, the first game released by UFO Gaming, you must wager UFO or UFO / ETH Liquidity Tokens (LP) in The Cosmos.

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The P2E model serves as the foundation for Super Galactic, so 3 key elements are required to achieve this:

– Super Galactic is the main game.

– Ranking system for dynamic NFTs in the game (UFOeps).

– The system has 3 tokens: UFO (the main token in the ecosystem), UAP (obtained by completing daily tasks from Super Galactic, used to feed soldiers or UFOep in the game) and Plasma Point (acquired) by staking out UFO, used to buy UFOep for games).

The game and the two token systems contribute to an internal economic cycle that ensures an uninterrupted source of income.

Unique properties of UFO

DAO administration

In contrast to the traditional hierarchy, UFOs are organized according to a decentralized autonomous organizational model and have a community-managed ecosystem. Since there is no token for the team, everyone in this TFD (Fourth Dimension), including the team, is an investor. Everyone is equal and contributes to the success of the project. Holder can propose and vote on ideas that will advance the project in the future.


Like the virtual universe, the Dark Metaverse is a fictional planet created by UFO Gaming that allows the purchase of exclusive virtual lands. These territories will be in the form of ERC-721 tokens, but holders can also sell forks (NFT) and to others. To mine your territory you will need 3 rare NFTs to form a council, a certain number of UFO tokens, UAPs to build a treasury for that territory, and a corresponding number of UFOs, UAPs to make a treasury for a territory to create.

Super Galactic – The first metaverse game from UFO Gaming

The land of the supergalactic lies in intergalactic space, inhabited and technologically advanced to the point of chaos. After that, the local population was reduced to a small number. The natives are currently building houses on a planet known as Pegasus and are executing a population restoration plan to regain sovereignty in the Supergalactic Kingdom. In this game you can use NFT to build houses or complete important quests and get great rewards.

In the four-dimensional realm first introduced by UFOs, players can fight and raise a super digital army with this action RPG. This is also where The Dark Metaverse’s Limited Assets (NFTs) storefront is called UFOep. Players only need one character to play Super Galactic – be it Genesis Alpha or Beta.

Super Galactic Stake DAPP is the only way to get Plasma Points that are used to create rare NFTs Origin UFOeps.

Super Galactic consists of decentralized auto battles and NFT collections. Both are based on the Ethereum network and include a highly scalable polygon solution.

Staking out and farming (farming)

In order to be able to stake out UFOs, they have to be included in the smart contract, which generates plasma points. The user can then use plasma dots to create Origin’s rare UFOep NFTs. Plasma Points cannot be traded as they were created specifically for the Super Galactic game. However, it is possible to trade UFOs, UAPs and NFTs.

Single-stage UFO staking results in 25% of the plasma point pool, while the LP UFO-ETH pool staking results in 75% of the plasma point pool. Whoever places the highest stake in each block receives the most plasma points. If you hold the investment over a longer period of time, it counts as a larger share.

Timetable (space map)

The current phase in 2021 includes additional farming, NFT minting, new markets and many more functions. In the first quarter of 2022, the project plans to evolve the super galaxy, add a new blockchain game, and introduce a gaming DAO among other exciting updates.

Future prospects

UFO Gaming (UFO) is a unique type of community-led cryptocurrency project that features everything in the current digital world, including play-to-earn, virtual land, NFT, games, and IDO launchpad.

The play-to-earn industry has grown into a billion dollar empire in less than a year thanks to games like Axie Infinity (AXS), which lead the way with billions in sales and thousands of active users each year. Other games like Alien Worlds and CryptoBlades are also very popular as the number of participating users increases daily and uses the P2E ecosystem to stand out in the online gaming environment and also allow monetization. UFO Gaming follows the same P2E model for Super Galactic games. In it, players fight with each other, win and earn rewards.

Metaverse is another trend with projects like Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) bringing in the most money and currently topping the charts in the Metaverse token race. Similar to these two projects, UFO Gaming offers virtual land that users can use to build their own empires, rent them out, or sell them to interested buyers – all of this takes place in the Metaverse.

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