KOL Smart Contracte calls for an explosion of SOL and a small cap altcoin

A prominent analyst says an Ethereum rival and a small-cap altcoin are about to explode.

Known in the industry by the nickname Smart Contracter, he told his 198,400 Twitter followers that he is keeping an eye on Solana (SOL), the blockchain platform that is focused on scalability while remaining secure and decentralized.

According to the analyst, Solana appears poised to break out of an ascending triangle and trigger a strong rally in the BTC (SOL / BTC) pair.

“SOL / BTC is waiting for a breakout in the weekly timeframe and new highs. Wave 4 is complete.

Hold on until it breaks out. ”

Sol altcoin

Weekly SOL / BTC Chart | The source: Smart Contracter / Twitter

Cryptocurrency strategists based on Elliott Wave Theory, a technical analysis method that predicts future price movements by analyzing the sentiment of the crowd through each wave.

Based on the analyst’s chart, SOL / BTC is currently in the early stages of wave 5, which could bring the pair as high as 0.0068 BTC ($ 338.84). Given the pair’s current price of 0.0038 BTC ($ 189.35), a move towards the smart contracter’s target would translate into a potential profit of nearly 80%.

Another coin on the analyst’s list is Synapse (SYN), a cross-chain protocol that allows users to transfer and exchange crypto assets across Layer 1 and 2 ecosystems. According to the smart contracter, he will see Synapse on the Ethereum (SYN / ETH) pair in the coming weeks.

“When there is fierce competition between Layer 1, it is a smart choice to accumulate a specific protocol that bridges them all.

The weekly SYN / ETH chart looks great. It is expected that it will explode strongly from here. ”

Sol altcoin

Weekly SYN / ETH chart | The source: Smart Contracter / Twitter

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