Parrots Fight Club: Play to earn a game of parrots available in NFT

Parrots Fight Club: Play to earn a game of parrots available in NFT.

2021 is the year of the NFT breakout as the acronym for non-fungible token becomes the word of the year according to the Collins Dictionary. This craze for NFT has contributed to the rise of blockchain-based games, especially games for money.

GameFi apps have gained considerable popularity, with a corresponding growth in user numbers. This trend is expected to continue into 2022, along with popular titles.

A new title, Parrots Fight Club, arrives with a number of particularly beneficial rewards that set it apart from its competitors.

Parrots Fight Club

What is Parrots Fight Club?

Parrots Fight Club is a new money game that rewards the best fighters with over $3,000 in cash per week. The game has a collection of 5555 unique NFTs in the shape of parrots and only the owners of these parrots can participate. One of the unique features of Parrot’ Fight Club is that you don’t have to “farm” (complete game activities) for hours on one stage to get rewards.

This is a fighting game where the user can challenge other parrot owners. Multiple game modes are available, such as B.: 1v1 mode, team battle mode and “Battle Royal” mode. Tournament mode is in the pipeline and will be available shortly after the NFT goes on sale.

The first playable mode will launch in the first quarter of 2022, and the beta will roll out ahead of actual launch. The system has been designed to be as balanced as possible so that no parrot has an advantage over another, regardless of the cost of its production (“casting”). It depends on the skill of each player. The competition takes place live and each fighter can interact with their opponent in real time. In addition, the game does not require excessive effort: the limit on the number of weekly battles is set in such a way that a participant can be registered in the leaderboard. This way, every player has a chance to win a cash prize.

Parrots Fight Club

Each parrot at Parrots Fight Club is the exclusive property of its owner

The main goal of the team is to build a community of feathers around parrots: for this purpose they have decided to make this collection available to all crypto investors. The base price of each parrot is fixed at 0.15 ETH. The initial sell limit was only three parrots per owner.

The following options are available to buy a parrot and expand its collection:

As a whitelisted investor, simply join the pre-sale starting on January 13;

For other investors, the sale begins on January 14.

The last chance to buy a parrot is a second sale on OpenSea.

The parrots will be the exclusive property of their owners, who can do whatever they want with them under intellectual property law.

Parrots Fight Club

Attractive Parrots Fight Club pricing system

The team will ensure that more than $150,000 will be distributed in 2022, which equates to approximately $3,000 per week. In addition, 50% of the royalties are added from the secondary market to further increase the price of unlimited cash. That means the higher the sales on Opensea, the more rewards players get!

The secondary sales market is the OpenSea NFT platform, which charges a 2.5% fee for each sale. The royalty payable to the club on each sale is 10%. The proceeds will be used for the development of the project according to the following breakdown;

half of the royalties are spent on competitive prices;

The other half is spent on marketing activities to keep the club growing.

Parrots Fight Club events and rewards

During the sale there are many events and rewards:

When the sales process reaches 25%: Half of the money made from second sales on Opensea is distributed to users as a special reward to help them stay motivated and respect the community on Opensea.

At 50% Off: Community members receive a $10,000 bonus as a gift to the community to help prepare their parrots for future tournaments and other events.

With 75% turnover: 10 non-fungible tokens and other unique features are given to parrot owners and community members to increase their chances of winning a parrot contest.

At 100% turnover: A major tournament is held to award the title of Parrot of the Year. The winner receives $50,000 and an annual supply of fruit.

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