Mytheria Alpha Launch on Jan 23-26th, 2022. Only 3 Days Left! Let’s hype this up

Only 3 days remain until the Mytheria Alpha Launch event, which will reveal the first demo version of Mytheria. Let’s join now!

They were pleasantly delighted and moved by your enthusiasm after publishing official details regarding the Alpha Launch event (Jan 23–26, 2022). That drives them to strive even harder to deliver you wonderful experiences and values in the world of Mytheria – Pantheon Clash.

Only 3 days left, the Alpha Launch event will officially take place. The number of Myra holders who signed up for the trial exceeded our previous calculations. Even so, there are still plenty of opportunities to experience the first version of Mytheria.

Big Events, Big Rewards

Bug Bounty Contest — Find bugs first to win prize!

If you are a Myra holder, don’t hesitate to register HERE to be one of the first testers. If selected, you will also be competing in the Bug Bounty contest with a total prize pool of up to 2,400 USDT (30 USDT/bug).

Detailed Instructions

  • While playing in the Alpha test, users take a screenshot of the bug and submit it to the Mytheria team via a Form sent before the play shift.
  • If multiple participants find out the same bug in the same play shift, the first one submitting will be rewarded
  • Bug should not be identical with the published list of bugs from Mytheria publisher. The list of bugs will be updated and published daily to participants.

Remember, if more than one person finds out the same bug, the reward will be distributed to the one who submits that bug first! Reward distribution time will be from Jan 23–31, 2022.

Immortal Wildcard For Diamond Pandora Package Holders

In addition, in order to express their gratitude to the supporters who have accompanied us during the past journey, Mytheria team would like to send the gifts

  • Distribution Time: Jan 31-Feb 13, 2022
  • Rules: Diamond Pandora Package holders will receive a special voucher to grant the power of the gods, even the rarest “Immortal” type.

Claim Exclusive Zeus Animated Skin For Top 200 Myra Holders

  • Distribution Time: Jan 31-Feb 13, 2022
  • Rules: On Jan 23, we will take a snapshot of top 200 MYRA holders to send them the exclusive animated Zeus Skin. Other than these 200, this exclusive Zeus Skin will not be minted in the future.

Instructions on how to play Mytheria: Gameplay — Mytheria

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