Review Space Falcon ($FCON) – Intergalactic metaverse featuring a classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from cosmos and beyond.

Space Falcon is a Play-to-Earn metaverse intergalactic game where players travel across the cosmos to build an empire by completing in-game missions and collecting NFTs.

Concept Project – What is Space Falcon?

Space Falcon is the world’s first next-gen intergalactic P2E metaverse, featuring a classic space shooter game with premium sci-fi NFTs throughout the universe. Space Falcon’s virtual gaming metaverse emerges from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain technology, real-time graphics, classic immersive multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies.

Space Falcon is an ideal product to emerge from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, classic immersive multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies. The company’s vision is to deliver a purely blockchain-driven universe that will change the gaming industry forever. Space Falcon allows players of its classic multiplayer space shooter game to play using their browser which doesn’t require any additional graphic resources.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

One of the first indicators were their talks with Amit, founder, and CEO of Space Falcon. He has huge plans for Space Falcon, a true entrepreneurial vision. Space Falcon’s concept is unique and daring, with a team of professionals working around the clock to make that a reality. In addition, GameFi and metaverse are rapidly gaining adoption. They know Space Falcon will be one of the household names in the coming years.


A collection of 10 engaging missions spread across two different periods – Classic 1980 Retro and Futuristic 2080 SciFi.

Players can consume NFT assets like liquid gold to travel between two generations.

Falcon crew gather at a neutral planet MetaGround to engage in complex discussions and trading activities of mission critical assets and galaxies.

Fully immersive VR experience to take you on an adventure through galaxies and interact with other players to build and battle for resources.

What is unique selling point?

Space Falcon revolves around three main features:

  • Falcon Mission, the classic space shooter game
  • Falcon Galaxies, owned by players in the shape of NFTs. Owning galaxies allow players to participate in a revenue-sharing model where players visiting a galaxy must pay a tax fee.
  • Falcon MetaGround, a neutral galaxy where players trade mission-critical assets. Spaceship upgrades and new weapons can be traded from the inventory here.


Technical Data

Key metrics 


  • Token Name: Space Falcon 
  • Ticker: FCON.
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating…
  •  Token type: Governance and Utility
  •  Total Supply: 20,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token allocation

Token release Schedule

Token use case

Space Falcon will have two tokens, FCON and FGOLD:

FCON is the governance and utility token used in the following activities:

  • Unlock in-game assets.
  • Stake to get the reward is FGOLD.
  • Participate in in-game admin decisions regarding new details, game modes,…

FGOLD is the in-game currency used in activities:

  • Rewards for completing missions on Falcon Mission.
  • Buy rare NFTs.
  • In the future, it can be converted to FCON.
  • Will not be listed on Secondary Market.

Token sale

  • Quantity: 250,000,000 FCON (1.25% of total supply)
  • Price: 0.002 USDC
  • Format: lottery
  • Allocation: 50 USDC (25,000 FCON) / 1 winning ticket
  • Total number of winning tickets: 10,000
  • USDC deposit pool opening time: 7pm (GMT+7) January 24, 2022.
  • USDC deposit pool closing time: 7am (GMT+7) January 25, 2022.
  • Requirements: Staking 100 RAY before January 17, 2022.

How to own the token?

Please refer to our Medium article explaining our Tier System to get more info about our 2 paths to secure an allocation for Space Falcon. In order to participate, you have to complete the Google Form HERE before January 19th, 2022 at 11:59 PM (UTC).

For The Galaxy Path, you will need to start staking MNST by January 15th, 2021 at 11:59 PM (UTC), at the latest.

Whitelist results will be published on January 20th at 1PM (UTC).

For The Competition Path, you will have to perform tasks of Gleam Competition. You can start by clicking HERE.

Important! You will need to hold at least 1000 MNST to qualify for the competition.

For both paths, KYC is required and you need to have it approved by January 19th, 2022 at 11:59 PM (UTC) — KYC Link HERE.

Market and Community


Space Falcon has crossed the mark of 165,100 Followers on Twitter.


Team/ Founders




Conclusion and analysis

Space Falcon is a next-gen Intergalactic metaverse featuring a classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from the cosmos and beyond. Built on the Solana Ecosystem for speedy low-cost transactions to ensure a lightning-fast experience for your space adventures.

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