Clover Finance Announced the 30 Million CLV Wallet Incentive Program

Clover Finance Incentive Program

With the increased adoption and usage of many layer 1 & layer 2 chains over the last year, Clover Finance believes the infrastructure for providing a multi-chain experience is more important than ever.

Clover Finance has announced the first leg of the Clover Ecosystem Incentive Program, a 30 million CLV user adoption initiative specifically designed to drive users to a multi-chain wallet experience. Clover Finance will be coordinating with projects on every chain to integrate the Clover extension and mobile wallets. All projects that integrate the Clover wallet will make their dApp users eligible for a share of the 30 million CLV, accounting for 3% of the total supply.

With the latest update coming for the Clover extension wallet, users will now be able to connect with three different dApp development environments at the same time without having to switch their network— including EVM-based networks, Polkadot.js based networks, and Solana.

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