Top 3 Underrated Metaverse Coins With Market Caps Under $3M But Worth Watching For February 2022

With the current bear market, many Metaverse coins are being sold. The following article looks at 3 undervalued Metaverse coins with a market cap below $3 million observed as of February 2022, aggregated by zerotx and ranked by market cap from lowest to highest.

Metaverse Coin with a market cap under $3 million – Avaxtars Token (AVXT) – $1.2 million

Launched in October 2021, Avaxtars is one of the leading Metaverse coins built on the Avalanche blockchain. It is an NFT-based money game that allows users to earn rewards in the form of AVXT tokens.

AVXT is a native utility token on the platform used for in-game currency, rewards, and NFT purchases.

Avaxtars are NFTs that allow users to mine tokens. The game involves the user purchasing an Avaxtar NFT and submitting it for various missions. The quests last a certain amount of time. Once the task is completed, the NFT will be returned and the user can earn rewards.

The Avaxtars ecosystem includes ENXT, DGC, and AVXT tokens.

The ENXT token is a liquidity token rewarded to those who provide liquidity to the market. DGC tokens can be generated when NFTs are converted from Gen1 to Gen2. AVXT is the main utility token used for various in-game operations like NFT purchases, rewards, etc.

Avaxtars has a fully functional game that players can try now. Users need to purchase Avaxtar NFT to start playing, which costs less than $1. This game is perfect for new users who don’t want to invest a lot of money and want to enter Metaverse and NFT games.

The current market cap of $1.2 million makes it one of the most underrated projects out there, and AVXT has significant upside potential in 2022.

You can buy AVXT from Pangolin, TraderJoe, etc.

Metaverse Coin with a market cap under $3 million – Legend of Fantasy War (LFW) – $2.8 million

Legend of Fantasy War (LFW), launching its token in October 2021, is a blockchain-based RPG game powered by Binance Smart Chain. The game is built using the Unity game engine which offers an immersive experience.

The game revolves around players assembling their army of heroes and leading them to victory using their characters’ unique abilities and attributes. Every character in the game is coded as NFT and the player must first purchase a character to start playing.

The average cost of a LFW NFT is 1 BNB. Legend of Fantasy War has a very active NFT marketplace where users can buy characters, gear, items, lands, and fashions.

The native token for the game is LFW, which is used as the main utility asset in the project’s ecosystem.

You can buy LFW on PancakeSwap.

Metaverse Coins with Market Cap Below $3M – Fear (FEAR) – $2.9M

Launched in May 2021, Fear bills itself as the horror industry’s premier blockchain entertainment platform. It offers a collection of blockchain-based horror games for money, including a 2D action/puzzle game and an immersive 3D horror game for users to view.

The Fear ecosystem has two tokens including FEAR and BLOOD. FEAR is the main utility asset on the platform that users can use in exchange for rewards. BLOOD is an in-game token used to power the FEAR ecosystem.

Te platform is still in its infancy. Some of the upcoming features include top-notch NFT rebates with cross-chain interoperability and multiple in-game add-ons, the introduction of FEAR wallet, Crypto (Alpha) games, etc.

If you are a horror games lover, we strongly recommend you to check out the Fear platform and their latest collection of games. Additionally, FEAR’s current market cap of $2.9 million makes it an underrated and must-have project in 2022.

You can buy FEAR on Uniswap, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, etc.

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