3 reasons why Bluzelle (BLZ) could be GameFi’s next Unicorn project

3 reasons why Bluzelle (BLZ) could be GameFi’s next Unicorn project.

The crypto market has had an uneventful start to 2022 and it looks like an extended downtrend is embarking on the market peak in November 2021 on a variety of negative developments including rate hike expectations from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the threat of war formed between Russia and Ukraine.

While many traders don’t want to risk their capital in a bear market, others are looking to buy while the market is bleeding. One of the possible options for investors is Bluzelle (BLZ), a decentralized storage network for the creative industries that has increasingly positive prospects.

3 reasons why Bluzelle (BLZ) could be GameFi's next Unicorn project

BLZ price chart | Source: Trade View

Here are three factors that could drive the BLZ boom.

Denomina’s debut

One of the key developments that helped spark interest in BLZ was the launch of Denomina, the first play-to-earn (P2E) game on the Bluzelle network.

“In light of the Denomina launch, we will be releasing exciting updates from the Denomination Whitepaper each week to keep you informed:

  • Core progression of the game
  • combat system
  • breeding system
  • tokenomics”.

Denomina is a real-time card battle game where players can fight each other in player-versus-player (PvP) mode or monsters in player-versus-monster (PvP) (PvE) mode for tokenized rewards that can be used NFTs manage or buy.

The game was developed in collaboration with Starloop Studios, a professional game studio that has worked with some of the largest game publishers in the world. It also includes a social system with a game store, NFT marketplace, loot boxes, and treasury.

cooperation with cosmos

Another development driving BLZ is the project’s ongoing partnership with Cosmos to help build GameFi on the Cosmos network.

“As we continue to grow with Cosmos, we will also explore new ways to build game finance within the Cosmos ecosystem. We will explore methods of collaborating with other chains during production. Stay tuned, good things are coming!”.

Cosmos has been one of the hottest networks over the past few months, despite the overall weakness in the crypto market, thanks to its fast-growing ecosystem of interconnected projects and newly launched protocols. Reward early adopters with an airdrop.

Bluzelle’s GameFi capabilities could help the Cosmos ecosystem make its mark in the blockchain gaming space.

The developers behind Bluzelle have also expressed interest in integrating with other networks that could benefit from the addition of GameFi capabilities.

The popularity of blockchain games

The third factor driving BLZ’s momentum is the overall popularity of blockchain-based games and the P2E model.

Gaming has long been one of the most popular and pervasive segments of the traditional economy, and the success of Axie Infinity shows that blockchain gaming can outperform traditional gaming.


Top 5 GameFi projects with a market cap under $50 million. Source: Twitter

The focus on building GameFi across multiple networks and its ability to process 10,000 transactions per second helps establish the positive case for BLZ going forward.

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