MYTHERIA ALPHA LAUNCH 2 event will officially take place on February 26 and 28, 2022. To meet your expectations, in this event, up to 5,000 participants will be able to directly experience the 2nd Alpha version of Mytheria.

Join us in this event at and experience a series of activities with amazing prizes:

Bug Bounty


25 USDT/bug for first 100 valid bugs


  • Players can submit bugs only during server open time (playing time), after that it would be invalid
  • Cap 100 valid bugs
  • If multiple duplicate bugs are reported, the reward will be given to the person who reported this bug first
  • Players must submit videos, detiled descriptions, specify minutes:seconds that they found the bugs
  • Final decision belongs to Mytheria
  • Winner list will be announced on March 2nd, 2022
  • Prizes will be sent no later than March 14th, 2022

Winners Gift


  • 100 Welcoming Decks full 40 NFT cards (lastest policy). In this Deck, there is Ares, one of the strongest Gods. The Deck is more advanced than the Starter Deck (non-NFT) that is available to new players.
  • Ensure the chance of joining Play-to-Earn events in the future


  • Players who win 5 matches (any deck) will be on the list for a lucky draw to have a chance to receive 1 of 100 decks.
  • Prizes will be sent no later than March 14th, 2022

Fight With Game Master


Win against Game Master for a prize of 50 USDT/match


  • The Game Master will appear randomly during playing shifts. Whoever beats Game Master will win 50 USDT/match
  • Prizes will be sent no later than March 14th, 2022

Alpha 2 Content Creator


1 First Prize 500 USDT and 10 Second Prizes 100 USDT/person


Everyone who joins Alpha 2 can participate in this contest

Mytheria accept any kind of content: video, articles, images, memes… on any kind of social media/platform

Metrics to calculate results: views + likes + shares + comments. Each view, like, share, and comment corresponds to 1 point. The result will be counted on 00:00 UTC Mar 4, 2022.

A creator can create many contents, the results will be aggregated from the content you create for this contest.

Content participating in the contest is not allowed: copy other creators’ content, slander, bring libel, spread false information, mention depraved topics. If the judges from Mytheria find content with one of these markers, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and give it to another lucky person.

The deadline to receive the content is from 00:00 UTC Feb 26 to 11:59 UTC Mar 3, 2022, via email: [email protected]

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].

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