Ukraine and cryptocurrencies: donate NFT but can lose forever, TRON community no airdrop, “Help Ukraine” scam

Russia invaded Ukraine five days ago and is actively attacking a number of towns near the Ukrainian border. As the invasion continued with no sign of slowing down, the number of innocent civilians killed rose to 136, including at least 10 children. The current situation worries many people around the world who are currently looking for ways to show their support for Ukraine.

Hours after the invasion, the Ukrainian government announced that it was accepting donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT.

Since then, the Ukrainian government has received more than $33 million worth of assets, of which $5.7 million came from Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, as Bitcoin Magazine reported. Moreover, this is not the only channel through which crypto users can support Ukraine. Although Ukraine legalized the use of Bitcoin before the invasion began, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister still mentioned that she could not accept cryptocurrency as an official donation.

To add to the growing fundraiser, someone transferred a CryptoPunk to the Ukrainian government’s Ethereum address to show their support for the country. Hours later, it was discovered to be CryptoPunk #5364.

It is not certain that CryptoPunk donations will reach their destination. It is currently held in a depot wallet and sent to a Ukrainian government self-custody wallet.

Upset at not being eligible for the airdrop

Some donors are unlikely to be rewarded for their humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Namely Justin Sun, who ran the Tron Foundation before joining the Grenada government as ambassador to the World Trade Organization last December. today, sun shown that while members of the TRON community donated more than $1.2 million in TRC20-based stablecoins to Ukraine, they were banned from the airdrop rewards.

“In response to a humanitarian appeal by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, the TRON community has donated over 1.2 million USDT (TRC20), but now the airdrop completely ignores them. It really isn’t fair.”

Airdrop is a very popular and widely used community rewards program in the crypto world. They basically allow unilateral projects to send some more tokens to their community. In the case of Ukraine, it is not entirely clear what assets the account holder intends to dump to sponsors.

fraud alert

Bleeping Computer has warned that those looking to send cryptocurrency to Ukraine to protect their country from the military campaign launched by Russia could fall into traps due to fraudulent websites, forum posts and emails.

The Tech newspaper has identified several new scams tricking crypto users into “helping Ukraine” by donating Bitcoin and other digital currencies to addresses other than those set up by the Kyiv government and provided by Ukrainian NGOs.

The scammers behind the scams use a variety of methods. These emails range from phishing emails that appear to be from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or NPR domains, to forum posts that appear to be related to the Help Ukraine movement.

Ukraine and cryptocurrencies donate NFT but can lose forever TRON

The report revealed that other ransomware and cybersecurity researchers like Malware Hunter Team and Jake Jcybersec_ found several .org and .com domains used by scammers like “Ukraine-donate”, “Ukraineglobalaid” and “Ukraineglobalaid” “Ukrainewar. support” have been set up.

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