According to TOP analysts, FTM and an Ethereum rival seem poised to break out

Cantering Clark, a veteran analyst, says that Fantom (FTM) and another Ethereum competitor seem poised to start the rally as the crypto market shows more signs of life.

In a tweet to his 114,000 followers, the analyst said a break above the 0.000045 resistance would trigger a strong rally.

“FTM is moving above the BTC pair and breaking the resistance. The cops are coming back.

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Looks like it’s going to be pumped.”

According to him, another altcoin could mirror FTM’s price action.

Cantering Clark says Harmony (ONE), a blockchain platform built to improve scalability, processing speed and transaction costs, could follow the recent FTM boll.

The analyst compares the USDT chart of the two coins.

“The ONE chart looks like FTM just before it surged 10%.

Pump it”.


Source: Twitter

Cantering Clark says ONE, the token powering the Harmony network, is showing clear bullish signals.

“The ONE trend is currently in line with what one would expect before the breakout.

Consolidation just below resistance area

Wait for high volume nodes.

Continuous resistance testing.”


Source: Twitter

ONE is currently trading at $0.157, up 21% on the week.

You can see the FTM prices here.

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