DeFiHorse: Get To Know Token Public Sale Methods IBCO

DeFiHorse Public Sale is coming, in the form of IBCO – Initial Bonding Curve Offering.

With IBCO, tokens are not issued in advance, but are pre-minted and burned according to supply and demand. So what is IBCO? What’s better than the old public sale methods?

Like IEO or IFO, this is also a way to raise capital for blockchain projects. But IBCO introduce improvements to the older method: in fact, they solve problems such as 

  • Lack of liquidity; 
  • The arbitrary pricing of the first tokens.

In essence, an IBCO is similar to an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in that it is a method of raising funding for a number of DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations that issue tokens.

The tokens for the public sale using IBCOs are not entirely minted before they are placed on the market, but they are minted and burnt in accordance with a bonding curve in which the tokens are generated only if someone buys them on the market. In short, IBCO allows us to pre-determine prices through a predetermined graph, is a mechanism designed to avoid fraud (by the nature of blockchain) and is completely transparent.

Imagine this: Let’s say there are 1000 DFH Token in the Public Sale, at a $1/DFH starting price.

1st Investor pays $1000. With $1000 and 1000 DFH Token for Sale, the current price is $1/DFH Token.

2nd Investor pays $1000. Now, with $2000 and 1000 DFH Token for sale, the price will be $2/DFH Token.

  • No Pump No Dump: The token price is not arbitrarily set from scratch or by any individual, but will be determined by the market itself.
  • An anti-cheat and totally transparent mechanism, which is the nature of blockchain.

COMING SOON. Stay tuned, Savvy Investors!

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