Spanish Football Club Espanyol Now Accepts Bitcoin for Tickets and Merchandise

Espanyol to accept Bitcoin for tickets and merchandise

According to a press release, Reial Club Deportivo (RCD) Espanyol will be the first team in La Liga to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the purchase of tickets, merchandising, and food and beverages next season.

“The sponsorship agreement offers huge advantages both on and off the pitch, and for both Pericos and all soccer fans who visit our fantastic facilities,” said Mao Ye Wu, CEO of Espanyol. “With this step, we become pioneers in a field that is not the future, but already the present.”

Espanyol is committing to a long-term strategy to bitcoin adoption with their sponsorship with Crypto Snack. This acceptance is expected to propel Bitcoin to the forefront of Europe via one of the world’s most prestigious professional soccer leagues.

“We signed an agreement for the remainder of the season and three more years that includes the presence of [Crypto Snack] in the training shirt and in the first team shorts. We are an enterprising club and we want to be a Blockchain sector meeting point,” Antoni Alegre, director of marketing for Espanyol, stated.

RCD Espanyol is one of La Liga’s oldest clubs. Angel Rodrguez created the club in 1900 as Sociedad Espaola de Football, a college sports club that wanted to embrace the new English sport at the time. When King Alfonso XIII placed a royal title on the club in 1912, the name was changed to Reial Club Deportivo Espanyol.

The Tennessee Titans became the first NFL team to accept bitcoin for large and recurring purchases, Coinbase sponsored the NFL, Bitcoin Magazine partnered with two Ukrainian NBA players for humanitarian relief in Ukraine, and other forms of adoption have all resulted from bitcoin’s continued diffusion in the world of professional sports. Espanyol is now attempting to profit on this trend and has committed to doing so for several years.

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