Mark Mobius Believes Bitcoin is Gonna Hit $10,000

Mark Mobius, an American millionaire fund manager and Bitcoin skeptic, has cautioned crypto investors not to purchase the Bitcoin plunge, predicting that the master crypto will fall to $10,000 in the next couple of months.

Mark Mobius Believes Bitcoin is Gonna Hit $10,000

Mark Mobius, a legendary investor and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, is warning Bitcoin traders that the cryptocurrency asset is still vulnerable to catastrophic losses. Mobius advises against buying the dip in a recent interview with Financial News London, predicting a crash that would take the top virtual currency by market size all the way back down to $10,000.

It will not work this time until bitcoin hits $20,000, from where there might be a bounce but then the next target will be $10,000.” 

-Mark Mobius

Mobius has already chastised Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Back in November, the critic said that Bitcoin was a religion rather than an investment. Bitcoin, according to Mobius, is very risky and unpredictable, and that investors should treat it as a recreational hobby instead of an asset.

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Estimating the bitcoin price, like playing the lottery or gambling, is a loser’s game, according to the 85-year-old American financial adviser in 2020. Mobius contended that there had been no information that could be used to anticipate the currency’s price action.

After plunging to $25,401, the weakest point since December 2020, the world’s top crypto rose to an intermediate peak of $30,960 on the Bitstamp platform earlier today. Those that caught the bottom of the last Bitcoin downturn were able to profit by over than 20% in less than 24 hours.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has also been struck by the breakdown. Its stock has dropped by over than 40% in the last week after it announced a drop in first-quarter revenues and trading volumes. Coinbase’s stock has dropped 78 percent in the last year.

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