The President of the European Central Bank has revealed that her son invests in cryptocurrencies

The President of the European Central Bank – Christine Lagarde again warns of the dangers of digital assets, which further undermines her claim that virtual money is worthless.

In an interview on Dutch television, Lagarde confirmed that she does not own cryptocurrencies, however she acknowledged that there were some people in the family who disagreed with her opinion and that her son was one of them.

She is extremely worried about inexperienced investors investing in cryptocurrencies, especially large coins that have fallen by more than half since the market reached its highest level last November.

Lagarde warned those who didn’t know the risks would be “terribly disappointed” when they lost everything-and said this was “why I believe they should be adjusted.”

Lessons to be learned from Terra

Sau khi một loạt sự cố liên quan đến Terra xảy ra, Cơ quan quản lý tài chính của Vương quốc Anh đã thông báo rằng quốc gia này đang chuẩn bị thiết lập các quy tắc mới cho tiền điện tử.

FCA’s market chief executive Sarah Pritchard said:

“In the last week where we saw significant price movements, it brings that into the fore and it shows the importance of making sure that people understand that is a risk of where they put their money.”

Last month, the UK announced that it is planning to develop and use stablecoin as a payment method. This also demonstrates that the UK is intent on becoming “a global hub for cryptoasset technology and investment.”

However, there are still many places that are still concerned about the explosion of cryptocurrencies, especially in money laundering cases. Some politicians and economists say there will be other stablecoins that collapse just like the UST- and the growing connection between cryptocurrencies and Wall Street means that such explosions can even destabilize traditional markets.

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