Investing In Luna 2.0 Is Like Sending A Scammer Money

Investing in Luna 2.0 is like sending a scammer money so he can send you your previously stolen money back.

You know that classic attempt from a scammer to grab more money by asking their victims to send him more money, so he can send them their previously stolen money back?

This is exactly what the whole Luna 2.0 situation feels like. People lost millions and now they are investing in a shitcoin in the hope to get that millions back.

But there was an airdrop!? So they don’t invest?!

Yea, but in order for the coin to be worth something, other people will have to invest and put money into it, and there are people that are actively doing so. These are most likely the same people that already were invested in Luna before and want to make more gains to cover their losses.

But they are gonna lose all of it. And there are already people celebrating the new blockchain by making claims like biggest airdrop ever or most decentralized blockchain etc. People will never learn…

PeckShield – blockchain security and data analytics company – has identified scammers sending so-called “Wrapped LUNA 2.0” tokens to high profile Ethereum addresses. The ploy is meant to imitate the actual LUNA re-launch airdrop taking place.

LUNA 2.0 it is scam!

The network’s native token will be LUNA 2.0, while the current LUNA will be called LUNA Classic and will remain on the collapsed blockchain.

Users who own the previous LUNA and UST will be eligible for an airdrop of the new cryptocurrency, with the amount received ranging in proportion to whether they owned the assets before or after the crash.

What do you think about this?

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