CoinEx Charity Donates Over 10,000 Books To Children Around The World

On May 26, 2022, the CoinEx Charity activity “10,000 books light up my dreams” was officially launched in Turkey. CoinEx Charity’s worldwide book donation was held on International Children’s Day. These 10000 books are also a special gift from CoinEx Charity Foundation for children in disadvantaged areas around the world.

For young children, reading helps level the playing field in education. A high-quality reading program developed at an early age will help children strengthen their abilities and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an educational setting.

But due to COVID-19, wars, and natural disasters, most children in extremely disadvantaged areas around the world are in a situation of “academic poverty”, schools in these areas cannot provide enough books to meet the reading needs of students and their families cannot afford to buy books. As a result, the reading crisis among children is spreading all over the world.

In 2022, CoinEx Charity established a Million Dollar Charity Foundation to meet the educational needs of children around the world. CoinEx book donations will end on June 20 and will be rolled out in Turkey, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Germany, and South Korea. Currently, 1/3 of the way of book donation has been completed, bringing books to children in 4 countries.

First stop: Turkey

On May 26, the first stop of the worldwide CoinEx Charity book donation program arrived in Antioch – Turkey. Here, CoinEx donated 2,000 books and new bookshelves to 5 local schools and received enthusiastic support from students and teachers.

Second stop: Syria

After the 11-year war in Syria, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic crisis, education for Syrian children and young people has been severely disrupted, forcing more than 2.4 million children out of school. CoinEx Charity donated 1,000 books and set up a reading corner to help promote education for Syrian children at Dummar Modern School on May 28.

Nania is a child at Dummar Modern School. She is reading a new book. “I love reading because books can bring me into a new world,” Nania said. This is one of 1,000 books donated by CoinEx Charity. Dummar Modern School received the book through the Youth Association, which serves more than 500 Syrian children.

Third stop: Thailand

On International Children’s Day, CoinEx Charity donated 1,000 books to Wat Chai Chimphli Primary School – in Bangkok, Thailand. The school with more than 300 students has been in a shortage of books for a long time. CoinEx Charity also helps the school build a new book corner to provide a better reading environment for students.

“I have never seen so many books,” said one student, whose new book corner is very popular with students at the school. CoinEx Charity also received thanks from the school’s students and teachers.

4th stop: Indonesia

Like many other schools in disadvantaged areas, many families in Indonesia only have enough money to buy the textbooks they need to teach, meaning students have little access to publications such as storybooks. If they want to read them, they have to borrow them from the district library far from home and school.

By giving new books to children, the CoinEx Charity activity “10,000 books that light up their dreams” has helped nurture children’s desire to read, instilling in them knowledge and passion to strive for development and maximize their future potential.

In Indonesia, CoinEx Charity visited Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan Orphanage Jakarta and Islamic OrphanageYogyakarta, donated 2,268 books, and built reading corners to bring warmth and strength to children here. During the ceremony, CoinEx Charity received thanks from the principals of the two schools.

“Students now have access to many new sources of knowledge, and this knowledge will empower them to pursue their dreams in the future,” said one principal.

The CoinEx Charity activity “10,000 books that light up my dreams” will continue. Next, CoinEx Charity will go to disadvantaged areas in Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany, and Korea to bring this special gift to local children and spread love and knowledge through books.

CoinEx Charity hopes that these books will spark a love of reading in children and help them access the wider world beyond their family and community and discover more of their own abilities.

All children in the world have the right to read quality books. This can help children learn to read, learn, and develop a love of reading. CoinEx Charity also calls on people and governments around the world to pay more attention to children’s education, together contributing to improving the educational environment for children.

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