Do Kwon’s Latest Statements

Since May 28, when Terra 2.0 was released so far, this is the first time Do Kwon has announced that he will actively provide information about Terra 2.0 and the rumors being spread.

Do Kwon’s latest statement

On the evening of June 9, Mr. Do Kwon shared the latest updates on Twitter, marking the first time the CEO spoke back since May 28, when Terra 2.0 was released.

From a “strong” person on Twitter before the collapse of LUNA-UST, Mr. Do Kwon, from mid-May until now, has been highly tight-lipped, making many people question what is happening at Terraform Labs when the project also became slow to release information, which contributed to the exacerbation of the crisis.

In the latest statement, Mr. Do Kwon affirmed that shortly, he would actively convey information to the community about the situation of Terra 2.0 and clarify false information being spread.

Mr. Do Kwon denied the news that “Anchor’s developers criticized the project from the beginning”, posting the project’s source code to prove that everything has been transparent since its implementation.

Finally, the CEO affirmed that Terraform Labs will continue to accompany Terra 2.0 but will not “lead” it because it does not hold the token as many people claim.

One month since the “catastrophe,” LUNA-UST started and knocked down two cryptocurrencies with a total capitalization of up to 60 billion USD, and the legal “storm” targeting Terraform Labs in general and CEO Do Kwon was approved. Forecasting is just the beginning, and the difficulty increased when the legal team of Terraform Labs simultaneously resigned just a few days after everything happened.

Over the past time, Terraform Labs has always faced investigations by Korean financial authorities and accusations by US agencies.

Whether Terra can handle this difficult time while investors increasingly lose faith in the tokens made their prices always slide in the past few days.

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