Do Kwon Used 20 Million Worth Of LUNA Wallet To Manipulate Proposal Voting

If Do Kwon thinks his bad times ended with Terra’s demise, he’s probably wrong. The accusations of $2.7 billion embezzlements have not yet passed, but the evidence that he manipulated the voting of Terra’s proposal has surfaced.

Do Kwon used 20 million worth of LUNA wallet to vote on the proposal

As mentioned in a recent Coincu News article, recent allegations have accused Do Kwon of transferring $80 million a month in cash into a secret wallet. In the most recent controversy, CEO of Terraform Labs, allegedly withdrew $2.7 billion from Terra Network before the disaster.

In one of the recent tweets, a Twitter user nicknamed Fatman offered some evidence that Do Kwon allegedly manipulated the votes for Terra’s proposal.

Allegedly, CEO Terraform Labs violated TFL regulations by using a personal wallet to vote on Terra Station.

“Caught. The ‘mystery’ wallet with an airdrop of 20 million LUNA is voting on Do’s proposal, North Star authorization, ASTRO insider trading – it’s officially confirmed that it belongs to Do himself. Kwon. “

FatMan then went on to post a snapshot of a Twitter conversation he had with Terra’s CEO last month in which he attempted to query the owner’s actual identity wallet. But Do Kwon responded to FatMan by saying, “I decline to respond.”

FatMan also emphasized that Do Kwon used the same wallet in August 2021 to submit voting proposals. To ensure the proof is solid, he shared a proposal in Agora, where the wallet is used to vote multiple times. He said it was a replacement wallet owned by Do Kwon.

Farman ended his streak by resenting criticism Do Kwon considers the participants and the TFL his “tools”.

It seems that Do Kwon will face more turbulence in the future when he constantly receives accusations from the community and investigative agencies. Moreover, the price of Terra 2.0 is also continuously falling, and it is predicted that it will follow the same demise as before.

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