Binance, Kraken, And Polygon Still Promote Staff Recruitment

Binance, Kraken, and Polygon are a few companies that continue to “recruit talent” and promote recruitment in the context of the market-facing many panics due to the arrival of the crypto winter.

The CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance revealed that they are hiring for 2,000 positions across Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Mr. Changpeng Zhao expressed excitement:

“Our business strategy was to position Binance for sustained growth over the next decade through multiple market downturns or even a prolonged multi-year declining market. We believe that cooler markets offer the best opportunity for organizations to invest in or acquire great projects at a more favorable price point. We are going to have a very active pipeline in the months ahead.”

Zhao also proudly posted a tweet last night implicitly affirming the current financial potential:

A large exchange in North America, Kraken, also revealed that it needs to fill more than 500 staff positions in the near future.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell also recently posted a long series of tweets, refuting a New York Times article about a “toxic work culture” at the exchange. Mr. Powell revealed that about 20 of Kraken’s 3200 employees are forming a closed group, discussing topics unrelated to the company’s operations such as racism and sexism.

Polygon said it will recruit at least 50 more experienced employees from around the world to share a house in a remarkable job announcement. This layer-2 protocol has invited Jennifer Kattula, who has held important positions at Meta and Microsoft to take over the Marketing department of Polygon.

The market turned bad, and the big crypto giants in turn streamlined their operations. Even had to decide to cut 260 employees, and up to 20% of employees had to say goodbye to BlockFi. The news that Coinbasethe largest exchange in the United States laid off 1,100 employees on June 14, has also “shaken” the human resource market.

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