GameFi Dragoma (DMA) Rug-pull , Website Removed

PeckShieldAlert  has just released information that the Dragoma (DMA) game website and all social media accounts of the project have been taken down, raising huge suspicions that the project has been “rug pull”.

Dragoma (DMA) Rug-pull

According to information from blockchain security firm PeckShieldAlert, the gamefi Dragonma project is showing signs of a rug pull as the DMA token has dropped -99.7%. The website appears to be down and the social media channel has been removed.

Dragoma is a Web3 lifestyle sports application with built-in GameFi and SocialFi elements, built on the Polygon network. In order to implement the privatization of Web3 assets, we adopt a dual-token economic model and NFT the in-app assets to ensure an open and transparent economic ecology. And How to Train Your Dragon was one of the first major games to use the power and flexibility of the Polygon network. You can form dragon training teams to compete with others and earn rewards through training, challenges, battles, breeding, building, and more.

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